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  1. Re: Multiple splits from the same colony for better success?

    Thanks guys, this was essentially what I was asking. Next time I'll try the multiple method, and as long as I get a queen or 2 out of the process, then it will be fine. The strange thing though is...
  2. Multiple splits from the same colony for better success?

    OK, I had a big hive that was jamming after the winter, 4 medium brood boxes and both upper and lower entrances looked like fire hoses with bees streaming in and out nearly continuously whenever it...
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    Sticky: Re: staple gun for supers

    In my view, the satisfaction you get from using your own equipment, and knowing that it's even better than what you can buy, is worth the time and effort right there. The fact that you are generally...
  4. Re: Considering moving from 8 frame to 10 frame

    Actually I have been thinking about doing the same thing, but perhaps not for the same reasons. Certainly weight is a factor to consider, but here are some other points:

    - 10f equipment is a bit...
  5. DIY inexpensive round feeder prototype

    After deciding that I need more feeders, seeing some of the catastrophies can happen with a poor feeder design, and not wanting to shell out any more $$$ that I have to, I created a prototype for a...
  6. Re: Sudden Drop in Population in New Hive after Cold Snap

    Not sure if this is the ideal solution, but you could make a "pressed sugar" board for your hive. I make these for winter feeding, but perhaps it could be beneficial for your case as well, maybe you...
  7. Re: Sudden Drop in Population in New Hive after Cold Snap

    Hello, and welcome to the beekeeping world, even under trying circumstances!

    Our weather patterns have certainly been making things difficult this year, but can you please provide a bit more info...
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    Re: Small Hive Beetles Ravaging New Colony

    No problem, glad I can help. Here are a few more detailed ideas:

    - Full sun yes, but not necessarily on top of a gravel-area that will get scorching hot like a stove top. If you have the stands...
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    Re: Small Hive Beetles Ravaging New Colony

    Hello, welcome to the forum! I think the first thing though will be some background info on where you are located, if you have any other hives, how they are placed, etc? In general, I have noted...
  10. Re: New "vertical entrance" bottom board design

    Thanks Greg for your comments. Indeed some of my hives were rooted from nucs that were "grown" in Kentucky, and I am not sure if that really has anything to do with it, but I have seen a small...
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    Re: "Camoflage" hive bodies, ideas?

    Thanks Bee, yes I am hopeful. Interestingly I found that the time for fabric covering is actually less than the method I usually employ for finishing, so if it works well and doesn't degrade like a...
  12. Re: New "vertical entrance" bottom board design

    Interestingly, I'd never heard of the Jerry Freeman trap, but the design here uses essentially the same concept for the oil tray trap, so seems like it's already been tested with good results! Some...
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    Re: Electric fence problem

    I've not heard of this specific issue before, but apparently 80% of electric fence faults are related to poor grounds somewhere... I found a detailed troubleshooting guide online, perhaps this can...
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    Yes same here. Last year we lost all our cherry blossoms due to this kind of weather, and apples were somewhat affected as well. Some plants were starting to break dormancy this year, and then...
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    Re: the beekeeper’s neighbor

    Amen brother
  16. Re: New "vertical entrance" bottom board design

    Thanks Litsinger for your comments. I am simply hoping to come up with a design that helps the bees thrive, and helps me so I can focus more on other tasks that always seem to be necessary... ...
  17. Re: New "vertical entrance" bottom board design

    This was definitely part of the design considerations Greg... Since the front panel is removable, the top of the screen is accessible to a bent coat hanger to drag any corpses out, as well as out...
  18. Re: New "vertical entrance" bottom board design

    Interesting, I hadn't considered that, hungry critters can certainly be determined lol. Easy enough to put a 1/2" screen on the outside of the porch opening though, I'd rather keep the hover-area as...
  19. Re: New "vertical entrance" bottom board design

    Update, first prototype completed:
    - The main body is just essentially an enclosed case with removable front, back, and bottom panels (scroll down and you can see the design in the sketchup pic in...
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    Re: "Camoflage" hive bodies, ideas?

    Update, several options tested:

    1. Spray painted with flat camo colors. Created 3 stencils made from file folders, then progressively spray painted each color to form the camo pattern. I used a...
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    Re: What is your other hobby ?

    Awesome detail there Hoot, and super paint. Did you model all that stuff yourself from 3D so it could be printed? Did you just study photos from the TV show to create the 3D models from scratch? ...
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    Re: the beekeeper’s neighbor

    At one time we had "neighbors" that always piled their trash cans at the corner of our yard for 2 days before trash pickup, and then always told their kids to park their junky oil-leaking cars in...
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    Re: Syrup feeder material & starter wood question

    Of course you can always use a table saw with a 0-clearance throat plate too, but then you lose a blade width with each pass (3/16" about). I actually cut such parts by cutting off thin strips from...
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    Re: What is this?

    I have never used one like this, but I think that you just put it on top of your highest box, fill it up with syrup, put an empty box over top, and then apply the cover. The white sections allow...
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    Re: whats being done about hive theft?

    Unfortunately I don't have anything specific to recommend particularly, but all my cameras are various models by a company called "Stealth cam". I've typically found them each for <$50, they take...
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