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    Topbar hives do not require treatments. They have...

    Topbar hives do not require treatments. They have natural size cells making them resistant to varroa mite. I wish I could figure out why the two I have die out every year or two.
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    What do the two rusty rods on the water level...

    What do the two rusty rods on the water level sightglass do?
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    The problem is the two tanks are not welded...

    The problem is the two tanks are not welded together. The hot water between the tanks leaks into the honey. Whatever original waterproof fittings the tank came with are missing. I need to return it...
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    Re: Dadant two piece heated bottling tank

    I think I need banjo bulkhead fittings.
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    Dadant two piece heated bottling tank

    Does anyone have any recommendations for fixing a tank I was given? It has a Dadant sticker. It is two separate tanks. The inner tank is removable and sits on little feet tabs that I think are part...
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    Re: Top Bar Mite Treatment Options

    I have used Apivar in my topbar hive.
  7. Thread: Worm wood

    by odfrank

    Re: Worm wood

    In 1996 hot I pressure washed antique oak beams for a construction job. All kinds of beetles and worms came out. The contractor loaded them up and out to a fumigator before using them for the...
  8. Sticky: Thank you. My thoughts come after 25 years of...

    Thank you. My thoughts come after 25 years of premite beekeeping, then Apistan, then Checkmite, then 25 years of treatment free beekeeping, 13 years of post " CCD" beekeeping and literally many...
  9. Sticky: OH NO!! If me and my post are deemed obnoxious by...

    OH NO!! If me and my post are deemed obnoxious by all means the monitor should remove it. No hard feelings. Just telling of my experiences.

  10. Sticky: Re: squarepeg 2015-2019 treatment free experience

    Those numbers remind of my apiaries before I gave up on "treatment free". My last year of soft treatments, OAD, I had 60%+ losses. Thanks to Charlie I have a big bucket of Mann Lake Terra Patty and...
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    $4 or $5 a gallon from the bulk tank. ...

    $4 or $5 a gallon from the bulk tank.


    No spoilage certainly sounds attractive Frank, but I'm not within driving distance of Mann Lake. What price are you getting per gallon....
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    Re: Extending Shelf Life of 2:1 Sugar Syrup

    I fill a truckload of five gallon buckets of Prosweet at Mann Lake when I run out. No spoilage, no fuss, no muss. No work other than the drive.
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    Re: Buckets or Jars?

    Could it be star thistle honey that does not granulate easily?
  14. Please steer me to where I can study these...

    Please steer me to where I can study these training methods. Or better yet, what would your fee be to come out to CA and do the training?


    Well, train them.
    Bees are...
  15. Re: Will bees pollinate fruits an vegetables inside a.....

    I have about a dozen jobs making and maintaining apiaries for homeowners (wealthy) in Silicon Valley. I was interviewed at an potential new client's property where they were seeking pollination and...
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    Re: Weak hive and wax moths

    Easy peasy in our climate. Keep the feed on, I use Prosweet. A small pollen patty is fine too, make sure no SHB are feeding on it. I have about 25 queens born 9/7 in small nucs in full sun and they...
  17. Will bees pollinate fruits an vegetables inside a.....

    Will bees pollinate fruits and vegetables inside an enclosure built of 1/2" hardware cloth?

    Will they freely pass through the cage in and out or just turn around when first hitting it?
  18. Re: funny story, really short on facts but high on speculation

    About Michael Thiele in the 1st post video.

    We invited him to speak at our bee meeting. His talk was over the top groovy, hippie, organic,...
  19. Re: How much honey could one expect from one hive? Spring

    >If you have single deeps with excluder and 2-3 medium supers on top, could you expect 80-100 lbs per colony? I have 12 and am thinking I'll get 1200 lbs roughly. if sold at $13 a pound should...
  20. Re: Can Palmer Style Double Nucs be used to produce Honey?

    I do not want to denigrate your suggestion, but the problem I had with this every good idea is that when we go to separate the two sides, there are patches of brood in the divider which we have to...
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    Re: Help with Comb Honey

    To get foundation drawn above an excluder you need a strong hive in a good flow. I place foundtionless frames between drawn combs and am very successful. Foundation will work between drawn combs also...
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    Re: Wintering Inner Cover from Mann Lake

    I did it wrong. Don't let the bees near the insulation. They chew it big time.
  23. Re: A series of interviews from commercial beekeepers

    You don't often see videos of big operations with most workers in short sleeves or no shirt. Looks and sounds kinda cult like.
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    Re: Maximum Crop & Earthquake Proof Hive Stand

    Actually as of this afternoon I am as much impressed with myself over our 8/3/19 born home grafted queens as I was earlier over the 8X8 hive stand. Five frame divides made end of July are now 10...
  25. Re: wax foundation falling apart in the extractor

    Vertical wire foundation also requires horizontal wires and slow fist time spinning.
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