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    Re: Bucket feeders in a dearth

    I would go ahead with the bucket feeders. I am not a fan of the frame feeders, and in a nuc, they take up precious space.
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    Re: Bucket feeders in a dearth

    ANY feeder can cause robbing in a dearth, especially if one is using a feeding stimulant like Honey B Healthy. Weaker colonies should have their entrances reduced while the feeders are on. Strong...
  3. Re: I think I fed my bees too much sugar water...

    A drop or two of nectar is all they collect per flower. I think the figure is something like 2 million floral visits to make one pound of honey. Make you realize just how hard those bees are working...
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    Re: Captured Swarm: What Next?

    Yikes! I would get the three frames.and make sure they are reasonably straight. Keep them on one side of the hive. Then, cut out enough of the comb to get another three fames in the hive and close it...
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    Re: Frames with drawn comb

    Since no one has actually answered the question, what are frames of comb worth, I personaly would not pay more than $5 per frame in good condition. That price would be if I were buying 10 or more. So...
  6. Re: need a hand from those who have a maxant bottling tank

    It is not a bolt, it is a pipe plug. Measure across the hole, if it is just over 1/2", it is a 3/8" plug. If it is right at 3/4", it is a 1/2" plug. You can get these in brass at your local big box...
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    Re: New one for me... thoughts?

    That is a nice sized swarm to cut out. My guess is that there is no suitable cavity nearby. Get em in a hive and have fun with your new bees. Chances are good that what you see is the whole shebang....
  8. Thread: 2 time swarm

    by JWPalmer

    Re: 2 time swarm

    Once a swarm is in a trap with comb, I like to wait until I see pollen coming in, usually about a week, maybe two if it was a virgin queen. The bees are less likely to leave if they have open brood.
  9. Re: Retired veterinarian bees have no nectar sourcears

    100# would be about 14-15 deep lang frames. You did not specify the size or style of the frame, but asked a question which can not be answered without that information. If you have Dadant deeps,...
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    Re: Nicot Laying Cage - complete success !!

    Congatulations LJ. Sounds like you figured out the right magic spell. Maybe I need to brush up on my Latin 'cause I am still working on getting it right.
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    Re: A swarm moved in. Now what?

    Really happy for you. When the time comes, grab some empty frames and some big rubber bands and get that comb situation squared away. Your in it for the long haul now!
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    Re: selling full frames for consumption

    Several years ago I saw a special rack for holding a full frame of comb honey for serving. It was expensive for what it did but there must be a market for it. Cut comb honey has to be more expensive...
  13. Thread: No new brood

    by JWPalmer

    Re: No new brood

    This is normal for our area of the country at this time of year, especially if you are not feeding them. I have commented about this recently in other posts. You want to make sure the larvae are...
  14. Re: one-two punch using Apivar and OA dribble?

    Apivar is also sold in a 50 pack which I last bought on sale for $130. That brings the price down to just $2.60 per strip. Still real expensive compared to OAV, but has a low cost of entry. No...
  15. Re: Subspecies identification by color pattern

    Really I was just curious as to which sub species typically showed this particular coloration. As of now, all my queens are still black or dark red, characteristic of the Caucasian and Carniolian...
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    Re: Back after long walk

    Welcome back Buz. Hope the walk was enjoyable.
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    Re: Expanding Top-Bar Hive

    Greg nailed it. There is no nectar and no pollen coming in right now. The bees are in contraction mode. You may be able to stimulate wax production by feeding heavily and giving pollen sub patties....
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    Re: Another battle for the bees....

    Feel free to discuss the use of sulfoxaflor vs other lethal to bees insecticides already being used on these very same crops. Try to keep politics out of the discussion. Thanks.
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    Re: Check out this nuc

    That was one of the problems with my two frame nucs. Bees could not defend them and they would get robbed to pieces. Going to plug the openings and install disc entrances with a much, much smaller...
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    Re: Intro as well as being treatment free

    If there is going to be a little one on one education with the opportunity to work along side him, I would say it is worth it. I recently learned that Kirsten Traynor has a queen grafting workshop at...
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    Re: Distance between hives

    Ideally, hives are spaced at fairly wide intervals to help avoid drifting and disease transmission. Unfortunantly, for the vast majority of us, that is simply not practical. Space your hives as you...
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    Re: How to not care for bees:

    I thought about suggesting he was giving the bees what I call "the white glove treatment". Total newb. We all start somewhere similar, but most do not take video of our ineptitude. Can't even begin...
  23. Re: Subspecies identification by color pattern

    I'll try to get some better pictures. But the bees are getting yellower in color in some of the hives. All my bees originated from just two queen lines and most are from a swarm colony I caught three...
  24. Re: I think I fed my bees too much sugar water...

    As someone who actually uses mason jars in their nucs, I can tell you that a strong 5 frame nuc will put away a pint to a pint and a half in 24 hours. Most of the nucs will not take it that fast. I...
  25. Re: Subspecies identification by color pattern

    Have not noticed any obvious issues with the 20 some hives here, and I am in each hive about every two weeks. A few more often as I am making nucs. I will keep an eye out for other signs, but mite...
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