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  1. Re: How long to freeze frames from a laying worker hive?

    I never freeze them. I just give them to another hive. But if you really want to 24 hours should do.
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    Re: Comb Honey Foundation

    I always bought thin surplus 7/11 from Kelley. Partly because I hate using an excluder and the queen doesn't like laying in the 7/11.
  3. Re: Queen replacement strategy advice needed

    I like to remove the queen for at least 2 hours. 12 is better. Overnight 12 hours is probably about as good as it gets. More will have queen cells started.
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    Re: Testing a hive for defensiveness

    Open the hive and run your hand a couple of inches over the top of the hive. If a lot of bees hit your hand, they are defensive. If they are pouring out of the hive and you can't see out of your...
  5. Re: Workers Moving Eggs in Queenless Divided Hive?

    In the early stages of laying workers they will attempt to raise a queen, of course the eggs are not fertile so this doesn't work. This is well documented since at least the late 1700s.
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    Re: How to not care for bees:

    >Powerful advertising for the flow hive...doesn't disturb the bees at all. And such ease of the extraction process. Painfully slow.

    I was confused. He decides to pull all the flow frames out of...
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    Re: Distance between hives

    Mine are pretty close...
  8. Re: Vertical Two queen hive - Top entrance or not?

    Every brood area will need an entrance for the drones to escape.
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    Re: Holy Laying Worker, Batman!!
  10. Re: Looking for a Wyoming person about antelope

    I used to live there. There is a lot of BLM land you can hunt on. I would have a good long range rifle. Shots typically are a long way off. .25-06 or 6.5x55mm Ack Imp would be my first two...
  11. Re: queen Peeping is that a bad sign for established hive?

    If you hear queens piping they probably swarmed about a week ago or so and may do so again.
  12. Re: Found these "pellets" among the usual dead bees near my rooftop hive...cause?

    They look too small for a skunk. Skunks leave clumps of many bees. That looks more like one chewed up bee. A shrew maybe.
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    Re: Laying worker help
  14. Re: Water issues in beekeeping, water management, and the desert.

    I had a long talk with Dee Lusby's Father-in-law one day a few years ago. He said his father moved the bees out of Tucson out to the desert and at first they didn't make any honey, until he figure...
  15. Re: Removing bees from very old hardware, frames etc.
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    Re: How to treat OH for mites?

    I don't treat them. But you could take them outside and run some OAV (oxalic acid vapor) in.
  17. Re: Question regarding future of honey bee species...?

    >But I was wondering if eventually you guys think that in North America, things will get so muddied that there won't really be any pure italians, or carnolians, or others anymore, but just end up...
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    Re: New Queen or Old Queen?

    She may be a virgin. It can take up to three weeks for a queen to get mated and laying after she emerges. Usually it averages out to about two weeks.
  19. Re: Chemistry question that affects bees.

    By the time the bees have capped the syrup it's down to less than 18% water. Basically that's 5:1 sugar to water. The same as honey.
  20. Re: Hive Locations when you aren't a landowner?

    I've always had bees in my backyard, even when I lived in the city. I generally put them where people won't see them and where their flight path won't bother anyone. I never tell the neighbors. ...
  21. Re: I think I fed my bees too much sugar water...

    Feeding constantly can seriously stunt the growth of a colony as the queen has no where to lay. Usually they will end up swarming when they don't have enough bees to do so.
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    Re: reclaiming a laying worker hive

    See page 11 of Wisdom of the hive:

    "the queen's pheromones are neither necessary nor sufficient for inhibiting worker's ovaries. Instead, they strongly inhibit the workers from rearing additional...
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    Re: Fixing laying worker question

    It is ALWAYS too late to waste money buying a queen for a laying worker hive. It's a waste of money. They will always kill the queen. A queen cell might work, a frame of open brood every week for...
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    Re: Can a person smell like alarm pheromone?

    I'm glad I'm not raising kids in this modern helicopter parent environment... and even more, I'm glad I'm not a KID in this environment. I would have killed myself before I turned 11...
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    Re: caging queens

    Did you set the queen cage on the hive next door? I've had the bees next door kill a queen when I did that. Then there is the heat, as already mentioned. I put the cage in my pocket so next door...
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