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    Re: Under supering or over?

    Wow, great discussion. I've been baiting them up with a frame or two of drawn comb with very mixed results. Some hives move right up and start drawing but many don't, they start back-filling below.
  2. Re: Help my bees REALLY want to swarm! WIth video

    I'd grab an empty box, put it on a new stand (in the same yard) and pull the queen along with 3-4 frames of brood of varying age, add in a couple honey/pollen frames for feed. Be sure to leave at...
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    Re: Thoughts on using Ten frame Mediums

    Agree wholeheartedly with this, interchangeability is soooo nice at many times. With 16-20 hives the few extra frames isn't really a burden.
  4. Re: Do Robber screens hurt Queen return rates after mating flights?

    I left robber screens on 14 hives that were re-queening last July, all made it back in with no issues. On one occasion I happened to walk by the hives in the afternoon at just the right time to see...
  5. Re: Swarm prevention when you dont have drawn frames for checkerboarding?

    If you like to read, I'd suggest you buy and read Mel Disselkoens "OTS Queen Rearing" book found at The timing of splits makes it very easy to control many of the most common...
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    Re: Frequency of hive checks in the winter?

    I'm sure many will disagree but I'd urge caution opening hives from October thru February/March. If you've treated them for mites in August or September and the boxes are up to weight there really...
  7. Thread: Honey price?

    by Thershey

    Re: Honey price?

    We found its easier to not deal with change and price to the even buck. Try $8, it will sell just as fast. Better yet, write "Local, Raw, Unpasteurized" and it will sell faster at $10.
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    Re: What would you do?

    Other than sugar bricks late in the winter/early spring sugar I feed exclusively with frame feeders. Each hive has a frame feeder in the 1 or 10 slot year round and I've had no problems whatsoever.
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    Re: Hive humidity problems


  10. Re: Paper combine results in lots of dead bees, what did I do wrong?


    That' problem, will do Lol
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    Re: 4 over 4 Nuc dilemma

    I too prefer the bricks method or mtn camp on hives that are light late. There isn't much time left for the bees to dehydrate and cap syrup. I found that too much open, wet comb can become a...
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    Re: robbing screen confusing bees

    Depending on the design of your screens it does take some time for them to figure things out. Some hives seem to get there faster than others but it often takes mine a few days to a week to get...
  13. Re: Paper combine results in lots of dead bees, what did I do wrong?

    One sheet has always worked well for me and HBH invites different problems, robbing. The only time I've experienced what you describe is when I combined bees with a virgin OR very newly mated queen....
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    Re: Merging beehives

    In looking at pic three, it appears you may have laying workers. Could be reflections but I think I see multiple eggs in many of the cells they are drawing. Is that frame by chance from the...
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    Re: wrapping hive w/ silver insulation

    Thin strip of wood and a couple Sheetrock screws
  16. Re: Help Suspected Africanized Bees in my bee yard

    Sounds like a nightmare experience. This late in the year I wouldn't mess around with requeening. Far better to do the responsible thing and kill them right away per JRG13's method.
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    Re: inner cover with top feeder

    Screening solves a lot of problems.

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    Re: Using honey for Brine?


    Ditto on the post smoke brushing with honey, that sweetness on your top pallet combined with salt on the tongue is pure heaven when you take a bite. I smoke a few hundred pounds of salmon a...
  19. Re: 1st year hive with queen cell. Please Help

    Things look good, sounds like the population is growing and they are prepping for winter, cups are of no concern till they use them. Great time to monitor/treat for mites if you intend to.
  20. Re: When would be the last day to do a split in Central Valley, CA?

    IMO....Spring splits have a much better chance of making it & have the added benefit of managing swarms if timed properly. Even in your zone, the bees know the sun is headed south and they are...
  21. Re: Confounding Fall Inspection. Just when I think I'm getting the hang of things...

    Those cells appear to be old, the one on the right emerged and killed the one on the left. Could be wrong but what you saw was likely the remaining RJ that was left after emergence. Let the bees...
  22. Re: Confounding Fall Inspection. Just when I think I'm getting the hang of things...

    Congrats - Looks like they've already finished the job of rearing a new queen. Based on the young larvae in the pics she is mated and laying nicely.

    Also, you've got a nice population of bees...
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    Re: ok need some advise

    Do you recall the date hive A swarmed?
  24. Re: Confounding Fall Inspection. Just when I think I'm getting the hang of things...

    Sounds like a good plan you have there, but I think I might still feed them the syrup for a couple reasons. 1) better if they can save that caped honey for winter stores 2) the feed will simulate a...
  25. Re: Confounding Fall Inspection. Just when I think I'm getting the hang of things...

    Puzzles like this are part of what makes keeping bees so magical. Perhaps someone else sees something I am missing and can steer you to the promise land with certainty but absent that, if it were me...
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