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    Re: Wrapping Hives and Ventilation

    Stick a wooden door shim under both of the back corners of the hive to tilt it 1/4" forward. That takes care of any snow melt that wants to go where it's not wanted.

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    Re: OAV, putting the risk in perspective

    I don't ALWAYS wear my respirator to manage the risk of a routine OAV application. I wear it because very occasionally, the routine procedure is interrupted for some urgent, completely unexpected...
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    Re: Weighing Hives

    I used to weigh my hives using the "tilt up and add the numbers method", which I learned here on BS. It is not very accurate. Using the same scale, in a direct overhead lift (hoisted using the...
  4. Re: Mountain Camp and Probiotics and/or Pollen Substitute

    I thought about probiotics, too, as an ingredient in a patty. Learned from the manufacturer of the probiotic that it won't work. The probiotic, if exposed to any moisture and sugars, will simply...
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    Re: Mouse Guard and Entrance Reducer for Winter

    I use a wooden entrance reducer (small notch open, facing up). And a piece of 1/2" mesh hardware cloth bent at a right angle, attached over the entrance reducer with push pins on the face of the box...
  6. Re: Is it feasible to control swarming without performing a spring split?

    All of my bees originally arrived here as swarms, so I know they "know how" to swarm. But most years they don't bother - they just put me to a fair amount of work keeping a close eye on them.
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    Re: How do I relax w/bees?

    I find it useful to always use a quiet box (or boxes if it's going to be a "big" or very detailed inspection) for any frame not in its box or my hands. I cover up every open box with a political...
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    Re: Formic Pro or Hopguard II

    Hands down, Formic Pro. Because of the heat this summer I couldn't use FP when needed, just before I left for EAS, so I put on Hop Guard II. At the end of treatment period + one week as the...
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    Re: When (time of year) to move hives


    I certainly didn't buy our farm tractor merely to move bees, though I'd have gotten the Good Wife of the Century Award from my husband if it had been me arguing that we had to buy a...
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    Re: Why did they die?

    Maybe lack of food and water? I know that at work we water and feed our caged queens twice a day, with tiny droplets and a smear of honey. (I just found this out because I was going volunteer to...
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    Re: When (time of year) to move hives

    I regularly move my colonies around as I winter with all of them gathered together on a winter stand, which is not where the majority of them spend their summers. Summers many of them are spread...
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    Re: OAV Treatment round 2 on day 14

    You will need to do a 3- or 4-treatment series if you do another round of OAV in September (and you should plan on that) because you will still have brood at that time. The one-shot only works when...
  13. Re: Can freshly extracted frames get diseases from cleanup bees?

    Yes, it's possible that supers being robbed out by bees from a hive with active brood diseases present would contaminate the wax. The robbing bees could come from both managed and feral colonies. ...
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    Re: Closing them in for a day

    Perhaps the same as a truck, but the truck is moving and the bees will be kept cool by the rush of air. Trucks transporting bees are exempt from some traffic regulations that might make them stop...
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    Re: Nurse Bees...

    What you're talking about is age polyethism.

    And while the job assignments in general follow sequential chronological age, which matches a physical maturation and change timetable, the really...
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    Re: OAV Treatment round 2 on day 14

    I am in the Hudson valley, too, north of Albany.

    First of all, you mentioned that you are treating and also that you have supers on? Do you mean supers for honey collection or are you just...
  17. Re: Pushing multiple hives together for overwintering?

    1) I move hives all the time, distances of a couple of feet up to 1000 feet, or more. I strap them together with two pairs of ratchet straps and lift them with the bucket of our tractor. I use a...
  18. Re: Pushing multiple hives together for overwintering?

    Here are some pics from various years:

    Hives (with front panels dropped down during winter maintenance visit) showing the panels between stacks. This is an old pic when I was still trying to hold...
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    Re: HELP ME! no fall flow?? lazy bees???

    Your bees are not lazy. And the fall flow has not started, so it's too early to conclude it isn't happening.

    If you've lost a great deal of honey your hives may have been robbed, if they were...
  20. Re: Pushing multiple hives together for overwintering?

    I have all of my hives pushed together for the winter and then common-insulated with long slabs of XPS.

    Two, !" pieces of XPS between each hive to accommodate the overhang of the telecovers. (A...
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    Re: Advice Needed for Hauling Hives

    You may need to have some kind of inspection done before transporting them- I am not sure about rules out west.

    I am assuming your part of NV doesn't have any Africanized Honey Bees? That gene...
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    Re: New EAS Master Beekeeper - Nancy

    You guys are so sweet! I really appreciate your kind words.

    I couldn't have done it without BeeSource, either. And I mean that quite literally: the questions and answers here were my first...
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    Re: Dipping Boxes Upstate NY

    There was a fellow in Round Lake (southern Saratoga county). I will pm you, his name.

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    Re: Horrible mating numbers

    Don't forget that the timing during the day of your inspections can create problems, too. When looking for mated queens I try to do that before 9 am or after 6 pm. The last thing you want to do is...
  25. Re: Storing frames with capped brood (after freezing) at room temp?

    The brood will begin to rot and stink to high heaven. Any frame that only has honey will be fine.

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