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Overview, the Big Picture

What needs to be considered before taking the first step.
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Equipment & Supplies to Obtain

Covers all the basic equipment needed to begin. Type, size, cost, etc.
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Beginners Beekeeping Books

Books and resources for the beginner.
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Hive Placement

Location, direction, stands, for hives. Things to consider when choosing an apiary site.
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Getting Bees

Package/Nuc, Swarms, Breed, etc.
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Hive Design, What Type?

For discussion of the various types of hives; Langstroth, Top Bar, etc., and how to do an initial setup. Things to consider, pros and cons; such as future extracting issues and supering. Frame and foundation types.
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First Year Hive Management & Inspection

First season management to obtain strong colonies for wintering. How often to inspect, seasonal timing, and things to be looking for. Will/should I get honey the first year?
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Diseases & Pests

Different "treatment" paths to consider, pro/con. IPM strategies. What should a first year beekeeper concern themselves with?
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Harvesting First Year Honey

Should you take honey the first year? If so, how? How much? Various methods for harvesting the honey.
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Preparing Hive for First Winter

Preparing for winter. Do I need to feed? What about reducing the entrance? Wrap the hive?
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