Beyond New- So new that i dont have anything set up

Beyond New- So new that i dont have anything set up

  1. Cyfac0183
    Hi all,
    I have a good friend that started bee keeping two years ago, I have reached out to him, but.. he pointed me to a forum for help.

    I finally have a yard and space to set up a beehive (purchased house with my wife last fall), and I really want to set up a hive.

    I know there is a ton of information that I have to review, but.. is there an inexpensive way to get started? I didn't want to have to spend a few hundred $$ in order to begin this hobby, unless that is what is required.

    Please let me know how I should go about step 1 which in my mind would be obtaining/ making a hive.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hogback Honey
    Hogback Honey
    I see no one has answered you yet. I don't know of any real cheap way, you're gonna spend a couple of hundred dollars. If you post in the main 'Beginning Beekeeping' forum you may get better answers. I purchased one 'beginner' set up, and then unassembled boxes, supers, frames and foundation for my second hive. It seemed to me to be the least expensive at the time. I'd priced out what it would have cost to purchase what I wanted, 2 deeps with frames and foundation, a medium super with foundation, bottom board, telescoping cover and inner lid, suit, gloves, a smoker, the 'beginner kit' included a cheap plastic Queen excluder that I've never used, the gloves that came with the kit, I do not use anymore.
  3. Hogback Honey
    Hogback Honey
    The gloves were fine in the beginning, but then they got propolis, and other crap on them, and I couldn't hold onto frames without them slipping from my grip, so now I use 'Thickster' gloves. And, now, I wish I had just a hooded jacket, don't need a full suit. And, now I don't use the solid bottom boards either. Since it's early and you won't be getting bees, I'm betting, till next spring. I suggest you purchase unassembled hives and supers, along with frames and foundation, put them together and place the hives where you think you want them, visit the hives this summer, so you get an idea what the location is like, easier to do it without bees than putting bees in them and finding out it is a bad spot. Then you can piecemeal the rest of the stuff you want, check out the forum, see what people suggest, and youtube is a WEALTH of info, especially the 'Fat Bee Man' videos. Take care, and good luck!

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