Who is still active in this GROUP?

Who is still active in this GROUP?

  1. zerojarvis

    This group has not had activity for many years. I am wondering if there are still any active members on here.

    I am a member of the Alameda Beekeeper's Association.
    Our board asked me to investigate how we may be able to have Beesource be used as a tool to help with local club communication and regional initiatives.

    Check out my thread:

    Please help provide any input/feedback so we can help improve how we care for bees in our local areas while also helping the entire hobby as a whole.

    Help support this effort so we can find local knowledgable experts and share our experiences.
  2. Hogback Honey
    Hogback Honey
    I'm still active, but I always forget to check the group page. I'm 5 hours north of you, so I am no help in your Alameda area, Central Calif. I'm Northern Calif.
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