Where are we?

Where are we?

  1. nobull56
    It looks like we do not have much unity here in Northern California on the boards, so I thought I'd start a 'where are we thread'.

    I'll post a little next.
  2. nobull56
    My name is Don & I have two (plus a cutout I hope makes it) hives in the hills outside of Lower Lake, California. Cross roads Hwy 29 & Hwy 53 about two hours north west of Sacramento.

    I started beekeeping this year after last year classes & lots of book reading. Started with one nuc (move into my new gear) & one hive with one deep & one medium super. I use 'Hive Tracks' to record my hive work & post on 'beekeeping 101' to share both ways.

    Hope this will get us to talking or show me were N. Cali visits.
  3. RayMarler
    I'm just east of Marysville on Highway 20, not quite up to browns valley. I have a few hives, never more ten or fifteen.
  4. Mr. Buzzy Bee
    Mr. Buzzy Bee

    I'm 20 mins from San Francisco.
  5. Hogback Honey
    Hogback Honey
    I am about 2 hours south of the Oregon border and 2 hours East of I-5. Two hives of Carniolans and one hive of Italians
  6. Stingy
    I'm in Yuba City, the mid-point between Sacramento and Chico. I've got a pair of backyard hives.
  7. nobull56
    Hay it looks like it's working! Just slow.
  8. Mephibosheth1
    Yuba City too…trying to get in on beekeeping

    Are there any weird regulations for beekeeping in Yuba?? Or can I just drop a couple hives in my backyard?
  9. RayMarler
    Go for it, drop a couple hives in your backyard. This is beekeeping country, but if anyone complains, deal with it then. I'm sure you've already gotten a couple going huh? How are they doing if so?
  10. brandongunn2003
    I'm in Laytonville California. I have 21 hives all from cut outs. Survivors from trees and old barns.
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