NorCali hive pest?

NorCali hive pest?

  1. StudiedWell
    What are the pest to watch for? I assume that maybe we don't have all of them here, like SHBeetle.

    I live just outside Sacramento, in Citrus Heights. Brand new to beekeeping. 2.5 weeks and my one brood box is getting a bit full of bees.

    Their entrance is facing the south with sun hitting the east side of the hive justas the sun rises. Everything is going well and want to keep it that way.

    I'm rambling here and could continue but...

  2. nobull56
    I think we do have SHB here, also both wax moths.
  3. RayMarler
    I've seen shb in back yard hives in the city areas. I figure irrigated lawns must attract them, as I've never had shb in my hives in the country. I have varroa mites very heavy, they are my biggest problem. Wax moths of course. they are not too large of a problem, I just keep hives strong.
  4. Stingy
    I see a random SHB now and then when I inspect my hives. It seems like the bees take care of them for the most part. I see the presence of varroa year-round and have seen wax moths in the Fall and early Winter.
  5. brandongunn2003
    I have had wax moths, varroa just showed up in a couple of my hives but no shb.
  6. JRG13
    You will see the occasional small hive beetle. Wax moths can be an issue and Varroa will be the worse of them all. I live in West Sac if you ever need any help or advice.
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