welcome new members

welcome new members

  1. swamprat
    hi my name is Dwayne "aka swamprat" from westmoreland NY.I like to welcome a new members to the group.feel free to introduce your selfs.this is my 2nd year beekeeping I have 2 hives and am planing on expanding this year.


    Westmoreland NY
  2. wildbranch2007
    wildbranch, live in Lafayette, have 49 hives left, had bees for 30+ years, raise my own queens, but do buy some, keep expanding but don't mean to, transplant from Massachusetts, most of my hives are in Madison County, originally started with one hive in Mass, ended up with 100 before I left. Most of my hives are in 3 deeps, only new hives in two deeps, always leave too much honey on and this year I'm glad I did.

    mike [email protected] < just figured out how to do
  3. ijf0
    NY Beekeepers Map

    post your NY locations and any info you'd like added and I'll put it on the map ... nice graphical representation of where your neighbeers are

    there's not much there now ... so help it grow!

    or, if you see a location with hives that you think should be added ... slip me a general location (town or city is close enough) and I'll add that too
  4. wildbranch2007
    i like the map, but could you move me over by nedrow on the map, how do you designate the locations, will it accept longitude and latatude since thats how I keep track of my locations??? mike
  5. ijf0
    I should have no problem at all entering long and lats

    keep in mind, depending on how you feel about privacy on the internet ... you may not want your EXACT locations posted. The map is, however, set as "Private" and thus "Shared only with selected people who have this map's URL." and not "Shared with everyone. This map will [not] be published in search results and user profiles." (according to Google)
  6. bee target
    bee target
    I live in dolgeville ny and have been keeping bees for 4 years lots of ups and some real low downs this looks like a good group to join.With spring coming it would be good to talk to others going through the same weather! I there any plans for a meeting coming?? Thanks Greg....
  7. wildbranch2007
    I'm up for a meeting, preferable some rainy day would be best for me, oh wait I'm from syracuse I guess any day would be good for me!!!

  8. BeeBrothersApiary
    Howdy all...been a beesource member since 2007. i don't spend much time here, too beeesy. this rain has forced me inside. all my woodworking is done and everything is set to go..just waiting on the weather as are a few million bees. bees have been keeping me forever. this year we are trying to offer nucs and VSH queens mated with a feral colony i extracted from a barn known to have survived at least four winters, possibly more. this will produce a powerfull overwintering / hygenic strand we can use up here in NE. that's the plan anyhow, so far mother nature has other plans with this rain. ...bee well
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