TBH types & mods

TBH types & mods

  1. glassinfreno
    my names is jay, Im totaly NOOB to beekeeping.
    I did my first cut out yesterday. I'm praying that they all will stay.

    what type of TBH do you have? are all tbh the same style???

    Did you build it?
    I built 2 with some scrap lumber left from a remodel demo...
    all n all i spent about 3 1/2 hrs start to finish.

    the next ones i think.. will have a mid or two to go on top of the original stand.
  2. suprstakr
    Officialy only 2 that I know , unofficialy it's up to your imanigation .Anny hollow with bars on top is a TBH .
  3. bigbearomaha
    building three types of hives for this coming Spring. Warre Vertical TBH, Kenyan horizontal TBH, and a Langstroth hive body using top bars and/or foundation-less frames.

    Big Bear
  4. Kevin Lewis
    Kevin Lewis
    I bought an established TBH this summer from a beek who built it himself from plans purchased online. It has arched top bars that result in an elongated hexagon shaped comb about 18" long. I have not seen another arched top bar hive. Does anyone else have an arched top bar hive? I have several photos in my public photo album titled "Arched Top Bar Hive".

    (I'm still trying to find the manage attachments button mentioned in the FAQs to post my pics.)
  5. La Fleur
    La Fleur

    I am looking for a good top bar hive design. I have wood but need a plan. Ideas?
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