New group for Pacific Northwest!

New group for Pacific Northwest!

  1. squirrel
    Are there any more beekeepers in the Pacific Northwest here? I'm thinking from NorCal up to Washington west of I-5.
  2. tacomabees
    Yup, I'd be interested in getting this discussion thread going...I'm in Tacoma, WA area, 10 hives
  3. flylooper
    Hi fellows....

    I'm brand new to this hobby and I'm in the process of getting the equipment for my first hive. At this point, I have a Lang deep with frames, floor and lids, some clothing and I am wandering all over the internet trying to see if there's more that I need. I'm beginning to sense that I should get a Western super for sitting on top of the deep, which would be the honey source. The plan is to order a nuc of Italians for my backyard operation in Jefferson, OR, near Albany.

    Any comment or tips would be much appreciated. This is a whole new world for me.
  4. TimW
    I'm down in Corvallis, OR. 26 hives

    Good luck flylooper! I had a few hives out by Talbot this last summer.
  5. TimW
    Flylooper, you going to any club meetings like WVBA in Salem or LBBA in Corvallis? I'm from the LBBA club, we meet 3 Wednesday of the month in South Corvallis. Website is LBBA.US if you want to check out our website. You have another beekeeper in Jefferson that would probably help you out. His name is Fred Mann. He located on the road that goes past the high school heading towards I-5. Where it does a S-curve if I remember right. I think there is a hot rod repair shop near the location. Haven't been there, but heard of it as a landmark for finding the street.
  6. Dave A.
    Dave A.
    Heh Dead thread.

    Did you all move away .. lol
  7. New2bees
    Glory Bee in Eugene OR is a great resource for information and equipment. I am between Grants Pass and Medford and just starting up with two hives acquired this spring. I got the hives from Shastina Millworks here in Southern Oregon, and the bees from a local guy. I have joined the Southern Oregon Beekeepers' Association and attended some classes with Bee Girl (look her up -- she is amazing!) but other than that I am Forrest Gumping my way through all of this. I am pretty sure I am doing most of it wrong and would love interaction and guidance with anyone who has patience enough to endure a supernewbee!
  8. Dave A.
    Dave A.
    New2Bees - where are you located?

    Oh -- I see now -- way south OR.
  9. Albe
    Albe here.Are there any clubs in my area?Plumas Co. northern Ca.
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