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Marley Smith
02-09-2020, 12:30 PM
Dear members of the beekeeping forum,

Bee Harmony is a network-like platform where beekeepers and farmers can find and acquire each other for their pollination needs: Find out about availability of bees, the capacity, the price per hive and much more. We are focusing on 100% transparency and strive to become the Airbnb of pollination. To get a better understanding of this project, here is our website:

WeŽd highly appreciate any feedback we can get and would like to see if beekeepers, in general, would be interested in such an idea by signing up on the website or commenting here.

I hope it is okay to post this message here.

Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks a lot!

Kind regards


Gray Goose
03-05-2020, 05:56 PM
Interesting idea Marley,
keep this thread updated when the site goes live.

For me a small farmer with needs of 6 to 8 hives in Michigan would be a fit.
How big of a cut is beeharmoney going to expect?