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Rader Sidetrack
06-30-2019, 03:07 PM
To get the "most relevant" responses to your posts, it is important for each member (new members - new beekeepers - prospective beekeepers in particular) to edit your profile to include your "Location". Here is a link to your profile page where "Location" can be found/added:

Or you can follow these steps:

Once logged in choose 'Settings' at the top of any page
Under 'My Settings' on the left of the page choose 'Edit Profile'
Scroll down to 'Additional Information' and fill in 'Location'
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose 'Save Changes'

While we understand that personal privacy is important, no one is asking you to identify your hive location to the extent that the hives (or you) could actually be identified.

Simply identifying the 'metro' area that you are in is enough for other members to make judgments about the general climate / weather / seasonality / potential pests to consider when responding to your posts. Or if you prefer, just identify the State and perhaps generally what part of the state (north, south, east, west) where the bees are. Keep in mind that in general, the more information that you offer, the more likely that responses will be relevant to your particular situation.