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Rader Sidetrack
01-30-2017, 10:47 PM
Migratory hives are often/usually palletized. The pallets typically hold 4 or 6 hives, and enable handling by forklift. In some cases the pallet also functions as the hive bottom board, and there may be clips ("U" clips or "W" clips) to hold the hive bodies in the proper spot on the pallet.

When reading these threads, keep in mind that some non-migratory beekeepers may have their hives on pallets, but since the hives are not regularly moved, the lack of uniform pallet sizes is not a problem. For hives that are trucked regularly, a uniform pallet size is best, and minimizing overall weight may mean more hives on each truckload.

This thread also has a link to some 4-way pallet photos & plans:

Rain/water management:

Pallets without clips: