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11-16-2016, 02:05 PM
A new Vaporizer from!

This is a 110 volt Vaporizer that is being offered to BS members first! You'll not find it listed on the website. Right now we are only taking reservations for shipping in 10 working days. We will only have 12 available at that time. This is a 20 second per hive vaporizer with pre-measured doses per hive! Check out the YouTube video and the instructions below.


Instruction Manual

This sublimator (a more accurate term than vaporizer, but we�ll use the term vaporizer in this manual as most in the United States know it by this name) is strictly for use in a grounded 110 volt (3 prong) socket.

This vaporizer is most easily used from the back of the hive, where a small (3/16�) hole is drilled (3-4 inches up from the center of the bottom of the brood box) to accommodate the vaporizer stem. However, you can use it in the front entrances as well. Using a hole in the back of the hive (we believe) is easiest as it eliminates the nuisance of flying bees. The friction between the stem and wooden hole, holds the vaporizer in place during vaporization that allows you time to prepare the next dose. The bees will readily propolize this small hole.
Plug in the in the vaporizer to your 110 volt power source. It will take approximately 2 minutes to reach operating temperature. The red sequence readout will display 230 when ready.
In the white plastic lids (recess side up) place the appropriate amount of OA. Use one gram per brood chamber no matter the size be it mediums or deeps, eight or ten frame. Use � gram on a nuc. One gram is almost � teaspoon, so on a two brood chamber hive; you would use � a teaspoon.
Invert the vaporizer. Take the white plastic lid containing the OA and push it onto the bowl (be careful the vaporizer bowl is very HOT!) Place the still inverted vaporizer stem (with lid attached) into the drilled hole then turn the vaporizer right side up and tap the lid. The acid will fall into the bowl and start to vaporize. This will cause the temperature to drop to approximately 210-215 then very quickly start to rise. When it again reaches 230, it is finished vaporizing and you can move on to the next hive. This will take less than 20 seconds! You need to seal any openings during and 10 minutes after vaporization.

The temperature is preset for 230 C. This is the correct setting for this vaporizer. However, you can change it as follows:
� Plug in the vaporizer. The upper red numbers will show the bowl temperature. The lower green numbers shows what the bowl temperature is set to achieve..
� To change, depress the left side of the set button, and then depress the upper and lower arrows to the desired temperature.
� Depress the set button again. This will save the new temperature setting.

You must use a respirator that is rated for organic acids! Make sure you buy one with replaceable filters. You are going to work in a heavy OA environment. Heavy, heat resistant gauntlet gloves are a must as well.

The vaporizer is a 110 volt, 250 watt electrical appliance, 2.5 amps. An inexpensive inverter on your truck will easily power this unit.

The reservation price is $485 that includes shipping to BS members. Private Message me if you're committed to purchasing. - where the only good mite is a vaporized one!

11-16-2016, 02:45 PM
Very cool design. Looks like the thermocouple senses and maintains a more consistent heat than some other products I've seen. What are the white lids made out of?

11-16-2016, 02:55 PM
A heat resistant polymer.
DY, I'm going to close this thread to posting and use the other thread for questions and comments. Feel free to ask away there...........