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08-06-2016, 09:27 AM

I am new to this forum and am looking to identify this type of bee that has decided to create a nest underneath my cedar clapboard siding (specifically where it meets the foundation of my home). Anyway, I am looking to see what kind of bee this is to safely remove it.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

Bee in question:

aunt betty
08-10-2016, 11:44 AM
Wasps, not bees. Exterminator or you spray them with wasp and hornet killer spray.

08-10-2016, 11:56 AM
I ended up filling a shop-vac with soapy water and just left it on right near the hole for a few hours during the day. That killed them all. I previously tried a wasp killer spray at night while they were in their nest and it didn't work.

Michael Bush
08-10-2016, 01:57 PM
Yellow jackets.

06-15-2018, 09:53 AM
I'm sorry if I've choose not relevant topic..
can you give any info on hive located under ground? recently one was disturbed at our neighbors yard, now, there is a new hive in our yard...or maybe it was always there...not sure what to do. can it or should it be removed? what kind of bees live underground?

Michael Bush
06-18-2018, 10:03 AM
Many kinds of hornets, wasps and many kinds of solitary bees live underground. If they are stinging people, you probably should remove them. If they are not bothering you, I would just leave them alone.