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06-21-2016, 05:47 AM
2 beekeepers from Poland have been looking for a job as apiary technician for a summer in the Europe, especially in the UK. We are adult students of WULS (Warsaw University of Life Sciences) and Pszczela Wola School with long experience and own apiaries. Please contact via Facebook or on [email protected]

We are searching a work in the the commercial apiaries or similar beekeeping industry from July to the beginning of Septembe. We are beekeepers and authors of many articles in polish beekeeping magazines

Could you recommend any beekeeper in your region, who is searching workers to his apiary or farm (garden)?
I would like to ask about free places for us to work in your apiary or other beekeeping industry.
We are able to work in laboratory and with food.

It's important to us to get quickly some work for a summer.

I want to add, that Bee Farmers Association didn't reply us so we are searching other proffesional beekeepers.
I am looking forward to hearing from you
Please contact me on +48 728 486 745 or on [email protected]

Peter Nowotnik

12-28-2016, 07:30 AM
Hi again. Unfortunately, we didn't find suitable positions for me and Kacper.
Now, we want to find an employer and start a cooperation before the season.
If someone is looking for an apiary technicians - beekeepers for next year (end of May to end of September - we are students and we can work in this period) we are ready to arrive and work.

If you would like to see our CVs - no problem! Please send me e-mail on [email protected]

Could you recommend any beekeepers - employers? Maybe, someone is looking for workers?

Certainly, we might work in the UK or in the Europe, eventually in the Canada.
Happy New Year 2017!