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02-17-2016, 10:57 PM

<p>This week we are talking about Beekeeping in Wellington (New Zealands Capital city) with Frank Lindsay. Frank talks about his commercial beekeeping operation that operates from around the Wellington area.</p>

You can listen to the show here:-
Beekeeping in Wellington with Frank Lindsay (

Here's What was discussed

How Frank Started Beekeeping with a Robbing Frenzy
How you can avoid your Children becoming allergic to bees
What sort of Honey can you expect in the Wellington Area
How does Frank Breed new Queens
There are no ACC regulations for beekeeping weights.
What Whitey Wick smells like
How to knock back Chalk Brood with Bananas
New Zealand got the Deformed wing virus from Carolinian Bee Sperm
How to vaporize a mesh bottom colony using a bag
Middle Entrances in Top Bars don't work in Wellington
How you tell so much from the sounds in the colony

What was you top tip from Frank from this weeks show, please comment below.

Gary and Margaret

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