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02-09-2016, 10:56 AM
What is needed:

zip code, city or county
date when the bees swarmed or when you found the swarm.
comments - example: if the swarm came from your hive, or if you were called to pick up a swarm, how long was it there. This is not for cutouts unless the bees just took up residence and are not established. It would also be great to include a small photo of the swarm.

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05-16-2017, 02:44 PM
58103, Fargo, Cass Co.
Called to a truck stop to remove a swarm from a tree. I was called out on the 16th. Manager said swarm was there the day before. Manager said that commercial bee hauling trucks that come to fill up often leave a swarm behind. I am unsure whether this is a legitimate swarm, or simply a bunch of bees that were left behind and then clustered on a tree to shelter from the rain. We'll find out in a couple weeks. Cluster is about as big as my hand.33169