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Rader Sidetrack
10-24-2015, 08:57 PM
These threads are about making your own frame components - top, bottom and end bars - from raw wood. Frame component manufacturing is not for everyone - many beekeepers prefer instead to buy components and assemble them into finished frames.

Frame dimensions and plans:

The frame 'end' bars may be the most difficult components to manufacture, and techniques vary. Note some threads below shape the end bars individually from thin pieces of wood. In other threads multiple end bars are shaped/machined while still in a single thick block of wood, then when the shaping is completed individual 3/8" 'slices' are cut from the block to get the finished end bars.!
In the thread above, note comments by jrbbees following my post #3. I now have more experience making frame components and agree with jrbbees.

Whether you buy frame components, or make your own, they all still need to be assembled into finished frames. While that can be done by hand one at a time, this frame assembly jig is very handy ...