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07-16-2012, 09:34 AM
I think I am going to try a mix for the farmers market and maybe someone has already been there.
At Wal-mart in the deli section they have boxes of sunflower seeds, mixed fruit, mixed nuts, and so forth for a dollar per bag maybe you have seen them.
The mix
1 bag seeds
1 bag mixed nuts
1 bag mixed fruit
10oz of honey
I have already made a batch and it does not seem I can make a bar that could be wrapped very well so I am heating the honey as in a taffy mix, mixing everything together and plan on putting them in 4oz sauce containers with lids.
It looks like I should have about 4.82 in the mix with containers and I might be able to get 10-14 containers out of each batch.
I am thinking to market them as energy snack and ice cream topping for 1.00 per container.
Just had some with my coffee and it is good.
Any thoughts? (I know that's a silly question on here):cool:

07-16-2012, 10:52 AM
you can always look at some other recipes to find a ratio that will stick together better, or maybe compress it more when it is warm.
Good luck, they sound tasty

07-16-2012, 11:06 AM
Sounds delicious! Send me some; I'll sample up to 50 pounds for FREE! How about it?