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cow pollinater
06-01-2008, 07:23 PM
Today is the third time that my wife has allowed me to sting her. The first time was after a doctor's visit with severe back pain from a herniated disk when the pharmacy wouldn't be open until the following day. Within a few minutes, the pain was reduced to a tolerable level.
The second time, my wife had spent the previous night in the emergency room and was ready to go back by noon. She was In such pain that she was unable to stand and I could actually see her muscles jerk as her back spasmed. I stung her five times and after twenty minutes she was able to stand and walk back to the house mostly pain free and smiling. The spasms were gone and the pain was mostly from the stings.
After the second time, her doctors wanted to try different medicines and wanted us to hold off long enough for us to see what would work and what wouldn't. We fount that Celebrex worked for her back pain but inflamed her neuropathy. Most of what was tried did nothing.
Today, we were ready to go back to the E.R. for pain management and her doctor called us and said to try the bees...IT WORKED. I stung her five times and the results were a miracle.
If you are living with pain from and are on the fence, PLEASE do yourself a favor and try beestings. It has worked for my wife and I on tendinitis, neuropathy and a herniated disc. Both of us were sceptical at the start but are now happy to report that it does work.

06-03-2008, 12:37 AM
Ya Celebrix is over priced and with way to many side effects to even bother with. I am glad they are helping her now if I could just get my hubby to sting me. It is hard to show hom how to do it on my self when I can not reach the area I need to have him do. Living in chronic pain is no fun to say the least. And I so know what she is going through. I dont have another appointment to see the dr for another month. And I am not allowed to go to the local er no matter how much I am hurting to get pain relief. I would not want to go to our hosp anyway as they treat you like a junkie and just put you on a hold till you are in even more pain and are now with drawing from not having access to your reg pain meds. I wish I could have the bees sting my jaw TMJ joints as when they spasum it sends my whole face in an upraor as well as the headach fro hell.

I hope it continues to help her I am sure it will. If i would have more help with the areas I need it with I would be doing more of it.

Hanford Ca

Keith Benson
06-03-2008, 06:39 AM
And I am not allowed to go to the local er no matter how much I am hurting to get pain relief.

Why would that be?


06-07-2008, 12:58 AM
Do to a pain contract with my pain management dr. I have to call him and then if and I say IF he thinks it is necessary and can not wait till the office is open the next day he will ok an er visit. But even then I get treated like a junkie and a drug seeker. When heck If I did not have to be on a pain patch pain pills for breakthrough pain and muscle relaxers I wouldnt. As I hate taking meds and pills I am so sich of it.


Brent Bean
06-13-2008, 04:09 PM
I started BVT on my knees a few weeks ago. When I heard about it and did some research, and was ready to try something because nothing else worked. I started with the mind set, well lets see if nothing else it will help me build a good immunity to bee stings since I already get stung beekeeping anyway.
Then I went to guarded optimism, was I feeling better or was I just having a better day? Then I start to just be optimistic, now I have to say I’ll be darned it really works. I quit using my arthritis med and really don’t need them anymore. My right knee hasn’t felt this good for a very long time the left is lagging behind because of a physical injury that required surgery to correct but is greatly improved.
Try it you will be amazed. :)

06-23-2008, 01:44 AM
I've got multiple bad discs in my spine, from neck to tailbone. Bulging discs with stenosis. Had surgery in '93, and have use physical therapy, stens, acupuntcure, chiropractor, etc. There are a few physical therapy moves that do help.

When the pain is raw nerve pains, beestings help tremendously. If it's muscle pain, they don't help. Day before yesterday my elbows and knuckles were flared up sumtin fierce, I think it's a tendon prob from the discs in back and neck, or arthritis maybe. Beestings in each elbow, 4 knuckles on left hand and 2 knuckles on right. Immediate relief, and no pains tonight, 2 days later!

I've been doing beestings as treatments for sciatica for over 15 years, it really works for me! I found out about BVT quite by accident. I was working my hives when I got stung a couple times and noticed my sciatica was gone for a whole day! I've been doing BVT ever since for treatment of sciatica.