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  1. colony collapse disorder article in New Scientist
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  21. Media over dramazation
  22. Lets pretend we know its pesticides/neonicotinoids...
  23. Ccd
  24. ?solid not runny info? CCD
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  26. why is there no news on CCD?
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  28. BY-product of CCD???
  29. More CCD in Taiwan/Brazil/Europe/US
  30. imiclopedia cause CCD
  31. Scientists Identify Pathogens That May Be Causing Global Honeybee Deaths
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  49. CCD vectors, if you please
  50. CCD clue
  51. Homey town CCD article
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  53. Mites or CCD?
  54. At the end of the day with CCD......
  55. TheCDDSolution
  56. USDA announces CCD plan
  57. CCD Revisited
  58. Diesel fumes and CCD
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  66. Questions About Mysterious CCD Symptom
  67. I got hit by CCD
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  69. CCD Test Samples Needed
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  71. change CCD focus?
  72. Germany bans Bayer chemicals linked to honeybee devastation
  73. Farmers Using Neonicotinoids
  74. CCD article plus $4.1 million grant
  75. Silence of the Bees - CCD video
  76. How natural infection by Nosema ceranae causes honeybee colony collapse
  77. ccd - corn - pesticides
  78. CCD Article
  79. CCD and Africanized honey bees
  80. Interesting article on CCD
  81. One thing ive noticed with the CCD
  82. I think we need another thread about CCD.
  83. CCD Documentary
  84. It Isn't CCD.
  85. CCD and Beekeeper Health?
  86. 2010 USDA CCD workgroup progress report
  87. Neonicotinoid Pesticides and CCD
  88. can CCD equiptment be reused?
  89. is CCD somewhat "contagious" to other hives in same yard?
  90. once CCD yards...OK to use again?
  91. CCD questions
  92. GE pollen & CCD?
  93. Ccd
  94. International Workshop on the consequences of the ECJ judgement on GM pollen in honey
  95. CCD --Corn Insecticide Linked to Great Die-Off of Beneficial Honeybees
  96. New Info about CCD
  97. CCD and Urban Beekeepers
  98. Harvard University: Convincing evidence that neonicotinoids cause ccd
  99. Harvard study on neonics and bee deaths - download full text
  100. Is CCD a myth?
  101. Is it CCD?
  102. Video Documentary: Are Govt & Pesticide Industry Responsible for Bee Deaths?
  103. Eye witness to colony collapse: Bee-farmer loses 2,000 hives in one month
  104. Royal Wildlife Trusts Call for Ban on Neonicotinoids
  105. Neonic facts
  106. CCD, new Nucs and splits
  107. CCD/Neonicotinoid Data (Studies, Articles, Links)
  108. Bayer launches Bee Care Tour - smoke & mirrors?
  109. The Case Against Imidicloprid
  110. idiopathic brood disease syndrome
  111. Evaluation of Canadian Bee Mortalities that Coincided with Corn Planting in Spring 12
  112. Florida beeks seeing affects of neonictinoids
  113. USDA admits to exterminating bees
  114. 'Monsanto Protection Act' slips silently through US Congress
  115. ccd video
  116. Where Are The Beekeepers?
  117. Resolving the Imidacloprid Paradox and the CCD Connection
  118. neonicotinoid pesticides
  119. Ontario bee farmer says he lost 90% of his hives to neonicotinoids
  120. Looks like the Honey Bee Killers Returned to our Honey Bee Sanctuary
  121. Petition: Direct the EPA to ban the use of Neonicotinoid pesticides
  122. CBS News reports on CCD/Neonics
  123. Vaccines for honey bees?
  124. Forbes Magazine Article on "Science collapse disorder"
  125. Researchers recreate bee collapse with pesticide-laced corn syrup
  126. Article on five formulated fungicides
  127. URGENT - important petition to sign re pesticides
  128. Ban Bee Poison 2,500,000 have signed already!
  129. Europe bans neonics in all 27 countries - landmark day for bees
  130. Neonicotinoids The Four Dog Defense
  131. Declining Bee Populations Pose A Threat to Global Agriculture
  132. Researchers find high-fructose corn syrup may be tied to worldwide collapse of bee co
  133. Nuclear radiation
  134. Bayer CropScience & Syngenta Respond to European Commission Restrictions On Neonics
  135. Guilt and responsibility in mass bee deaths in france
  136. New Science study links bee-killing neonics to mass death of waterlife
  137. Just how many american bee colonies have been killed by neonics?
  138. NY Times Article on CCD
  139. The Australian distraction
  140. National Resources Defense Council Calls for American Ban on Neonics
  141. A must read for those interested in real hands on facts.
  142. Density of Feral Hives
  143. Coming soon to a theatre near you: 'pesti-side story'
  144. Winterloss?
  145. Time-Dependent Toxicity of Imidacloprid in Bees and Ants
  146. Large pesticide bee-kill in minnesota
  147. Monsanto GMO products contribute to ccd
  148. Up to 12 million Bees Found Dead in Florida
  149. Fake-bee-food-may-be-causing-us-colony-collapse
  150. Monsanto & Bayer Working On Varroa Mite Solutions
  151. 3rd Generation Beek Calls It Quits After Huge Losses He Attributes to Neonics and CCD
  152. CCD Research
  153. 600 Hives Lost in Ontario--CCD/Neonics Suspected Cause
  154. 37 million bees dead
  155. Bees dying by the millions in Canada
  156. The worst sound ever...
  157. Another Long-time Beek Experiences Large Losses
  158. Good video on neonicotinoids issue.
  159. bee article on cbc
  160. Pesticide Use in the Cornbelt Soars As Superweeds & Other Pests Develop Resistance
  161. Legislation to Restrict Neonics Proposed By Oregon Representative
  162. Avaaz petition taking off - Save America's Pollinators Act
  163. Long Absent Bumblebee Returns to Seattle Area In Spite Of Increased Neonicotinoid Use
  164. Is it CCD? Heartbroken in the Heart of Texas
  165. Newly Published Article Raises Questions About Pesticide Loads In Pollen
  166. CCD Database - Locations
  167. New Study Shows Bees Become Disoriented After Neonics Exposure
  168. Everyone calm down, there is no “bee-pocalypse”
  169. Time Article
  170. Why/how I know the Anti Neonics guys are wrong
  171. Who lost?
  172. Syngenta To Take A Continent To Court TO Upend Pesticide Ban
  173. Very Good Documentary's One from America and Europe
  174. Gotta ask once and for all; maybe I'm paranoid
  175. interesting turn of events
  176. New Planter Lubricant Technology From Bayer Reduces Dust Hazard To Bees
  177. Randy Oliver Article about Hazards of Neonicotinoids vs Other Pesticides
  178. Are the Canadians wrong?
  179. GAHHH!!! I can't believe it! I think it happened to me!
  180. Could ccd be the cause?
  181. Not sure what happened but bees are gone!
  182. Not giving up
  183. Preventing Fungicide CCD (A simple natural cure)
  184. A project about CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder)
  185. Latest varroa cure by BAYER
  186. Sign petition against Bayer and their neonicotinoid
  187. Local Bee Club Loss Survey
  188. Another new CCD "documentary"
  189. Hive top feeder...does this work?
  190. Farmers Abandoning GMO Seeds And The Reason Will Surprise You
  191. Replacing equipment after ccd loss??
  192. What Australia thinks about neonics
  193. A city property ban on Neonicontinoids in Eugene, Oregon
  194. ecuador rain forrest
  195. "...Neonicotinoid Insecticides in Wetlands of Canada." Paper in PLOSOne.
  196. Queen on top bars
  197. more on neonics
  198. they just disappeared.
  199. Evaluation of the Distribution and Impacts of Parasites, Pathogens, and Pesticides on
  200. The Bacterial Communities Associated with Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) Foragers
  201. Prospects of Apicultural Entrepreneurship in Coastal Districts of Eastern India: A Me
  202. A Temporal Dimension to the Influence of Pollen Rewards on Bee Behaviour and Fecundit
  203. Ccd?
  204. More CCD?
  205. Research Project on CCD
  206. Newly published Harvard study on neonics
  207. Lone bee
  208. Bee Informed Survey - new
  209. Flies are all over my bees nest.
  210. Harvard study solves ccd - pesticides
  211. Bloomberg News: "Bad Science Doesn't Help Bees"
  212. We create a problem and then look for the solution
  213. Good news!
  214. Interesting DC editorial countering the pesticide CCD hysteria the media loves
  215. papers provide conclusive evidence that the pesticides are causing the mass deaths
  216. NY Times Editorial: "Risking Another Silent Spring".
  217. Dr. Jeffery Pettis Steps Down
  218. NY Times OpEd Piece on Colony Collapse Disorder
  219. Minerals research Holland
  220. New Study on Neonics, in Nature (journal), out of Netherlands
  221. US to ban GMO s and Neonicotinoids
  222. Another CCD Solution -- robobees!
  223. Is CCD still alive and well?
  224. reusing ccd hive boxes....
  225. Where do missing queens go.
  226. Ontario beekeepers suing for $400 million in damages
  227. Can We Disrupt the Sensing of Honey Bees by the Bee Parasite Varroa destructor?
  228. Lawn Herbicides?
  229. NY Times video looking back at the CCD scare
  230. Honey Bee Hemocyte Profiling by Flow Cytometry
  231. Survey for causes of CCD
  232. Another bee kill from spraying?
  233. Neonicotinoid-Contaminated Puddles of Water Represent a Risk of Intoxication for Hone
  234. Scientists accused of plotting to get pesticides banned
  235. It's never enough
  236. I lost my hive I think to Colony Collapse Disorder I need some experienced beekeepers
  237. Guanine Deposits
  238. Infectivity of DWV Associated to Flower Pollen: Experimental Evidence of a Horizontal
  239. Neonics again
  240. Nosema cerana Nosema bombycis understand it to treat it
  241. Olfactory Attraction of the Hornet Vespa velutina to Honeybee Colony Odors and Pherom
  242. Jon Entine debunks theory linking neonic pesticides to honeybee collapse
  243. CCD Cutout??
  244. Identification of Candidate Agents Active against N. ceranae Infection in Honey Bees:
  245. Neonicotinoid Insecticide Residues in Surface Water and Soil Associated with Commerci
  246. When did CCD problem start
  247. Lower Virus Infections in Varroa destructor-Infested and Uninfested Brood and Adult H
  248. Has Seed Coating Changed? CCD gone for Good!
  250. Central Maryland Beekeepers Association (CMBA) taken over by extreme alarmists