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  51. Setting up a Bait box for swarms
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  55. Smoke out
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  68. Trap out question
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  71. Simple inexpensive Bee Vac
  72. Your Most Successful Swarm Trap Location
  73. Free hanging hive off of a tree branch
  74. Wife getting a swarm and installing in the NUC for her first time
  75. Trap Out
  76. My first Cut-Out Pics and Extraction Question
  77. Looking to Help in south Alabama
  78. Did I do Cut Out wrong?
  79. Instead of a cone method removal, would a hose running into a hive work as a trap?
  80. Cut Out Suggestion?
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  83. Discovered Bee Hive in old tree
  84. Is it too late to put out bait hives in Georgia?
  85. Lemongrass oil
  86. Is there a best time of day to retrieve a swarm?
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  88. Getting the word out!
  89. Question on new trap out
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  91. Fresh swarm in an old whiskey barrel.
  92. I need a bee excluder to remove bees from a tree
  93. Cutout completed from a 2 story house...pics
  94. little nervous .......
  95. How close would you put a swarm trap to a bee tree?
  96. Need some help on a trap out .........
  97. flew the coop... how to keep them down on the farm
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  100. Medium Box as a Trap?
  101. update on problem trapout , effects of repositioning box to cone ..... thx BB
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  103. Looking for advice on a Cutout
  104. What Questions Can You Ask A Swarm-Caller to Avoid False Alarms?
  105. First bee extraction a success so far
  106. my first swarm call
  107. no brood in trap-out, what to do
  108. Name that swarm
  109. Barn extraction
  110. Ooops, our 1st swarm
  111. Opinions about swarm....
  112. Swarm removal in Dunvegan, Ontario (near Ottawa/Cornwall)?
  113. Finished my first cut-out today...
  114. Multiple swarms
  115. Proper use of Bee-Vac and susequent trasportation to hives...please help !!
  116. New Swarm and Queen egg laying
  117. Trap out of queenless top bar hive?
  118. Gentile Bees from a cut out!
  119. Look what came flying by :)
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  122. 500 year old tree trap outs
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  127. BeeQuick
  128. Feeding honey from cut-out to other hives?
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  130. 20ft shake down success
  131. Lemon grass oil--How often
  132. Small Swarm, Yeah right
  133. Help on catching feral bees in old house
  134. Eddys' Extraction
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  136. Bees in a section of tree
  137. Now I understand why beekeeprs charge $300 for trap-outs!
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  143. back pack bee vac
  144. Trap out question
  145. Joke is on me. Cut out
  146. Swarms to big for Deep hive bodies?
  147. Will this work?
  148. Another hive swarmed, but not far.
  149. Tigard Oregon
  150. Pictures
  151. help help help (Meekly needing help right away)
  152. What I thought was a swarm...HELP!!!
  153. Pictures of Log Cut-out
  154. rectangle swarm traps
  155. what month was your latest swarm caught
  156. Kill/ Don't Capture
  157. Most Recent Cut-Out
  158. Helped with a cutout...
  159. Possible Queenless Cut-Out Colony
  160. Liability concerns doing cutouts.
  161. Removal in the rain
  162. Trap-Out into active colony
  163. Newbie trap-out question. Please Help!!!
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  170. Looks like box wants to Swarm?????
  171. Cutout hive absconded
  172. Cut-Out with Q Cells
  173. Swarm in a tree with comb
  174. How do you stop a captured swarm from reswarming?
  175. Twenty minutes to find a wild colony
  176. Wanting to get the queen from a trap out. HOW?
  177. Caught my first Swarm today
  178. First cutout
  179. bees in a maple tree
  180. When is it too late for cut out.
  181. Advice Needed
  182. Is there a "Bad" time to vacuum out a colony?
  183. Last Cut-out This Season - Sage College
  184. how to find/locate nearby feral hive
  185. Hanging swarm trap, or stationary? What's your experience?
  186. September swarms in south Alabama????
  187. indecisive swarm
  188. swarm questions
  189. Emergency Late Season Rescue after Hurricane
  190. Advice on removing bees from home in September in NY
  191. Ahaggggggg, he's killed the bees.
  192. Bees in a cedar tree..wait till spring to work with them?
  193. Advice Needed
  194. Question about cut out queens
  195. Want to do my first bee removal Sunday - Am I ready?
  196. Late Season Cut Out - Advise Needed
  197. Bees in vent hood / duct at McDonald's - anyone ever do something similar?
  198. After the bees are out...
  199. Update to advice needed....need more advice
  200. What is the best advice when building a bee vac?
  201. Suggestions for successfull swarm catches
  202. Trap distance from yard and how long to wait to move them?
  203. Cut and crop question
  204. Recombine hives? or kill off swarm?
  205. Is it too late in the year to do a cut out?
  206. ad for my website.
  207. long story but need advice
  208. late, late season swarm
  209. Possible swarm/emrgency queen
  210. Advise on luring a swarm
  211. Is It To Late And How To Trap Out Hives
  212. Swarm on back of hive
  213. How to 'finish' a cutout, collecting the left over bees? Help please
  214. Doing a fall cutout tomorrow...thoughts in what to do with them?
  215. Bees in a Wall
  216. Transfer small colony to hive?
  217. Swarm Trap
  218. Can I relocate bees 0.8 mile 5/6 days after swarm
  219. Medium nuc??
  220. My absconded hive
  221. Encouraging Colony to Move
  222. Swarm Trap complete!
  223. Swarm trap: What do you load/or not load your trap with?
  224. Where do you get your lemongrass oil?
  225. rectangle swarm catcher
  226. what to use to catch a swarm
  227. Screen on a solid bottom board
  228. Looking for swarm trap options...
  229. Swarm Lure
  230. Does Color Matter
  231. I moved a bee tree Dec. 28th.
  232. The itch is upon me.
  233. How to remove a hive from inside a D8
  234. Swarming as Success
  235. Swarm trap size
  236. Are you willing to take the odfrank swarm catching challenge?
  237. All Medium Equipment, Best Trap Options
  238. washing machine tub for extractor?
  239. Medium 8 Frame Swarm Trap
  240. Eight frame bait hive
  241. excess comb from transfer
  242. Clip queen's wing and Nuc under hive to catch swarms?
  243. I have a cutout to bid. Really.
  244. Frame size for swarm trap ?
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  246. How Often Does Your Trap Get Stolen?
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  248. How do you "bait" your swarm traps?
  249. Swarm Traps: Hanging or Fixed?
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