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  1. registered logo design vs. trademark?
  2. Roadside Stand Retail Marketing Questions
  3. Ocktober Fest Events
  4. Honey price at farmers market?
  5. Turbo Tax Small Business or CPA
  6. Ideas for Honey Stand with Honor System
  7. the power of e-mail sales
  8. Premium Varieties of Honey?? Commanding Premium Prices
  9. New Law in California for Honey and Labels
  10. Drop the word "Apiaries" from business name
  11. quick question regarding "Net Wt"
  12. Labels?
  13. Large store mark-ups
  14. Retail Price for Bee-O-Pac Comb Honey??
  15. Tents/Canopys for Farmers Markets
  16. NEW! 2 oz. Honey Bear!!!
  17. Sales value of cappings wax
  18. accepting debit/credit cards
  19. Do I need a license to sell honey?
  20. Cut Comb Prices?
  21. Honey price
  22. Kosher certified honey
  23. NUC sales, medium vs deep
  24. Senate Bill 510 - beekeeper thoughts?
  25. Tiny Plastic tasting Spoons
  26. Thoughts on Tea and Honey
  27. How is the economy effecting your beekeeping?
  28. Who stole my honey account?
  29. On Selling Nucs
  30. Beekeeping Businessmen or Businessmen who keep bees?
  31. price of cut comb
  32. Glass or plastic bottles for farmers markets and USPS shipping
  33. glass jars
  34. Obtaining Insurance for Beekeeping /Beekeeping Sales
  35. starting a sideline operation
  36. Ontario honey label laws
  37. Creamed Honey Prices??
  38. Coming around
  39. Posting Rules Revisited
  40. Selling out of state
  41. social networking marketing
  42. Farmers Markets
  43. bee suite
  44. Honey Laundering article
  45. Labeling
  46. how much to pay for commission sales?
  47. Selling Honey
  48. what is RAW
  49. honey/bee related
  50. Metal Honey Tins
  51. Chinese & Taiwanese Honey Manufacturer Sentenced for Illegal Import Scheme!
  52. Honey Lozenge
  53. Honey to Hawaii??
  54. Expanding past being local
  55. Getting back into supply sales
  56. Information
  57. How much for a Pint?
  58. Cut Comb website
  59. Wholesale prices for raw honey?
  60. Royal Jelly
  61. Bees wax
  62. Pollen Sales
  63. Ok lets clear this up: Raw vs. Pure - Filtered vs. Strained.
  64. Best selling honey containers
  65. Web Site
  66. cappings wax - how much is produced per frame of honey?
  67. granulating chunk honey
  68. What are the best motto you have seen on a honey label?
  69. Grocery Store Profit Margins
  70. 2 OZ Bears as marketing tool?
  71. Tupelo vs Wildflower
  72. How to get started?????
  73. Raw Propolis Pricing?
  74. Value of FACEBOOK ?
  75. Glass bears
  76. Burlap Bee Bags
  77. Bottling chunk honey
  78. Who buys propolis?
  79. Looking for help with logo/artwork...
  80. 1 Pound Muth Jars -- Corks?? Lids???
  81. Is this ligit?
  82. IL honey sales questions
  83. FDA and lip balm
  84. Beekeeping Supplies
  85. Help us with our marketing! :)
  86. have you ever been sued?
  87. Asian honey on US shelves
  88. Laws Regarding Sales of Small amounts of honey
  89. Speedysigns
  90. European Court of Justice banned Honey containing pollen from GMOs like MON810
  91. Anyone sell honey from their yard? If so...
  92. Food safety and local farmers' markets
  93. Selling honey in Pa
  94. Beekeeping and taxes
  95. Beehive rentals to individuals for personal garden pollination and enjoyment
  96. How much to sell home produced honey for by the oz??
  97. comb vs liquid honey
  98. Sole Proprietor or LLC
  99. more than three fourths of the honey sold contains no pollen
  100. Brick and Mortar Bee store list
  101. Anyone want to share their custom labels?
  102. Smalltimer Marketing tip
  103. Equipment pricing free shipping vs lower price???
  104. Confusion on selling honey in jars, weight vs. volume, pricing, etc.
  105. Beekeeping Supplys
  106. Niche Marketing
  107. Fair terms for bee and queen orders
  108. Raw honey: marketing standards
  109. My Honey Van
  110. UPC Bar Code Printing
  111. Jar labels...looking for less generic designs..any thoughts away for the conventional
  112. Local Brick and Mortor Bee Shops location help
  113. jars
  114. Too many turning to the internet?
  115. Setting hive price
  116. Websites as a marketing tool??
  117. Honey Label Question
  118. What are the legal issues in selling packages as nucs.
  119. Honey stand in a restaurant
  120. Custom Honey Labels
  121. Shipping Bees
  122. Honey by the frame
  123. Use of QR Code on labels
  124. Wholesale pricing. So cheap?
  125. Add the cost of bottle and labels?
  126. % of honey for local
  127. Comb Honey
  128. CATCH THE BUZZ. Alleged Honey Smuggling Ring.
  129. Wholesale Honey Prices
  130. I need tips for selling honey at farmers market
  131. Sharing the wealth?
  132. Royal jelly
  133. Small booklet printing/ consumer info packets
  134. extracting for others
  135. Who here prints their own honey jar labels?
  136. any one looking to build a web site?
  137. Ontario grading regulation
  138. Washington State Pricing
  139. labels on Mason Jars
  140. Are we getting in our own way?
  141. Technical Information
  142. Looking for bee package bees.
  143. Trying to sell in a local hobby store, ran into some... problems.
  144. How to compete?
  145. Lip balm and lotion labels
  146. SMALL PACKER Equipment question
  147. Beginning Beekeeping Accounting
  148. Identify this jar
  149. Raw Honey
  150. white plastic 1 pound containers
  151. Wholesale Restaurant Containers
  152. How do you set your wholesale price?
  153. Sellling on consignment
  154. Beginner Question: Importing and Selling Honey?
  155. Any small scale honey producers ever worry about being sued?
  156. propolis pricing
  157. Has anyone dealt with Westfield Insurance for their farm?
  158. Help me i need your votes
  159. Free Bee Clipart - Enjoy!
  160. Nutritional info
  161. selling by the frame...
  162. Look for beekeeping supplies wholesaler
  163. Honey Packaging Survey
  164. Sideliner Product Liability Insurance?
  165. boilerplate contracts for cutouts?
  166. Starting a Beekeeping Woodenware Business
  167. Shipping Queens
  168. Muth jar hang tags?
  169. Bee Pollen sizing
  170. MS Publisher users, can it do this?
  171. Honey display stands
  172. How you seal your honey jars?
  173. What address to put on label?
  174. Brochures/Information
  175. How do you compete?
  176. Package Bees
  177. Product Pictures
  178. label Question
  179. Honey Bottles
  180. Advice on how to Brand and Market Own Honey
  181. Labeling tips?
  182. Shipping full buckets
  183. honey vs wax
  184. Bee Store Preferences
  185. Labeling of Honey
  186. Straining honey question
  187. Fair Price for "Low" Quality Beeswax
  188. Online Store
  189. UPC and insurance question
  190. Ethics of selling honey as your own
  191. Pricing Honey
  192. Bartering honey
  193. Corporate gift boxes
  194. Would you put extraction on display?
  195. Selling across the USA
  196. Falling Canadian dollar
  197. Same business name, next state over
  198. how do you promote your farm stand when it off the beaten path
  199. New type of frame
  200. Selling honey with another beekeeper
  201. Online honey sales
  202. Honey for Food Stamps, EBT, Farmers Market Cards, Payments, etc....
  203. Cost of doing business
  204. Which accounting method do you run to track sales and expenses?
  205. I've got 1600 lbs of honey, now what?
  206. Dual food safety permits
  207. Packaging sources
  208. Label Design and Printing
  209. Spreadsheets for honey marketing
  210. Beekeeping Photobomb (How NOT to market your honey)
  211. Would you B interested and How much would you pay for a 18/9 extractor kit??
  212. Yes... I'm "That Guy"
  213. How do you inform your regular customers of price increases?
  214. 1 or two oz jars
  215. Packing organic honey without certification
  216. Candle packaging
  217. Show us your honey labels!
  218. Missouri Environmental Public Health crack down
  219. Another label question
  220. Home Kitchen Bill for Virginia
  221. selling honey to small stores
  222. Rank Amateur Seeks Info
  223. Texas Cottage Bill
  224. Selling candles, success stories?
  225. Price Suggestions?
  226. Honey sales cycles. Up and downs by the seasons
  227. How to fill a 2 oz Honey Bear, with a giant squeeze bottle.
  228. Selling crystallized honey in a container
  229. My 8 oz Bear weighs 12 ozs. ?
  230. Selling honey on craigslist
  231. Selling Honey stixs or straws
  232. Advice needed - how to market different color honeys
  233. Self Service Honey Stand
  234. Honeycomb embossed jars
  235. Manitoba Honey Prices,.. Seriously??
  236. Organic Apiculture Practice Standard, NOP-12-0063
  237. NY Thruway Honey (Farmstand, etc.) with Maple Cotton Candy.
  238. Bulk Sugar
  239. How to be competitive when the competition is priced too low?
  240. Best bang for the buck?
  241. Looking for Muth bottle label ideas
  242. Exporting Honey to China
  243. labels
  244. how to sell honey please advise
  245. world prices for honey
  246. Flavored Honey?
  247. Organic Honey In Stores
  248. Selling propolis tincture
  249. Value Added Products
  250. Pacific rim trade pact - no tariff on honey