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  1. New Bumble Bee Rearing Book published
  2. Native Pollinators thread
  3. vegetable pollinators
  4. US Postage stamp
  5. Alternative Vegetable Garden Native Pollinators
  6. Bumblebees
  7. Who is going to try Bumbles next year?
  8. Resources
  9. The Orchard Mason Bee (book)
  10. Hiving Bumblebees?
  11. Bumbles in a birdhouse?
  12. Paper wasps
  13. What the heck is this thing?!
  14. Does anyone keep Mason bees?
  15. Wild bees increase tomato pollination
  16. Native bees provide insurance against ongoing honey bee losses
  17. Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Open Lab - Oct 18th
  18. more literature
  19. Wintering Bumblebees
  20. Blue Orchard Bee/mason Bee
  21. Native Bees for S. Florida
  22. Oh happy day!
  23. home for polinators
  24. First mason of the year
  25. Bumble bee nesting boxes are ready.
  26. Made my mason nesting boxes today...pic
  27. Mason Bee Nesters For Sale
  28. Osmia cornifrons
  29. Shallow Mason Bee holes - how bad?
  30. Can you guess what these are?
  31. When Do I Take Them Out?
  32. Watching a bunch of bumbles today...
  33. Need help w/ info for "pollenators" presentation
  34. Naive but learning...
  35. Carpenter Bees
  36. Blue Orchard Bee Book
  37. Nests in an old tree trunk?
  38. Mason bee tubes
  39. Ordering Tubes
  40. A Osmia lignaria story
  41. Mason Bee Lure ?
  42. Solitary bees
  43. Video of solitary ground bees
  44. Natural Pollinators
  45. bumble bees & water
  46. Idea Share - Mason Bee (Lignaria)
  47. mason Bee and bumble bee Books
  48. Bumble Bee relocation?
  49. How can I move a bumblebee nest?
  50. Bumble bee site
  51. What are these trees?
  52. bumble B gueen: flightless???
  53. A "nosey" bumblebee
  54. Looks like a honey bee
  55. Bumblebee removals?
  56. "Tiny Bees" in Palatine, IL
  57. Raising Monarch Butterflys
  58. preserving a bumble bee nest
  59. Palos Verde Blues at Moorpark College, Calif
  60. Raising Black Swallowtails
  61. Anyone know the ID of this one?
  62. Carpenter Bees?
  63. Bumble Bee nest removal
  64. A. R. S.
  65. Research project about Asian Giant Honeybee Apis dorsata in Nepal
  66. Orchard Mason Bees
  67. Rearing Bumble Bees
  68. Product information and suppliers
  69. I found a bumblebee queen, now what?- pictures attached
  70. Parasitic wasps of solitary bees- with pictures
  71. Alternative pollinator class
  72. What kind of ground bee is this?
  73. What Kind of Bee?
  74. Bumblebee
  75. Black "bee"
  76. More Bumblebees
  77. Apple tree problem
  78. Amazing Journeys
  79. can bumble bees sting more than once?
  80. alternative bee picture
  81. Monarchs in Space..
  82. Yellow Jackets
  83. Mason Bees
  84. book: befriending bumblebees
  85. Mason bee house
  86. Pollinator Conservation Resource Center
  87. Stingless bee stops small hive beetles in 10 minutes
  88. Studies on Behavioural Traits of Two Different Strains of
  89. Mason Bee Noob
  90. How To Make Mason Bee Nest Blocks
  91. Shameless Theft
  92. foraging range of the blue mason bee
  93. Orienting mason cocoon tubes into the bee house...which end out?
  94. Ground bees - habitats
  95. New alternative pollinator's book!
  96. Newbie to Blue Orchard Bees
  97. My first season for mason bees...
  98. Mason Bee Cocoons
  99. Masson Bee ???
  100. New nest box and a question
  101. Apis cerana japonica
  102. Managing Alternative Pollinators: A Handbook
  103. Looking for observations on northern populations of Osmia
  104. what kind of bee?
  105. Mason Bees in San Diego????
  106. Miner Bees need help STAT
  107. Miner Bee Photos???
  108. Where did all my female bees go?
  109. Seeking to buy reeds for mason bees
  110. Anyone raise Stingless Bees in USA?
  111. Leaf cutter?? In mason house
  112. Bumble Bee Ceiling Nest
  113. What species of bumble bee is this? (in New York)
  114. mason bee holes: how deep?
  115. white and black bee?!?
  116. what kind of bee is this?
  117. Another "What kind of bee" question
  118. Mason bees and honey bees together?
  119. White faced wasps for sale or trade???
  120. The 'hummingbird clear-wing moth' on anise hyssop
  121. Backup food sources for mason bees
  122. Apis cerana
  123. an interesting article
  124. Crawdad bee?
  125. Queen Bumblebee
  126. Mason Bee harvest report 2010: Four different nesting systems in Seattle
  127. Nesting tubes suited to various species...?
  128. Help ID a solitary bee
  129. Why do YOU raise solitary/mason bees?
  130. Other polinators affected by bee diseases?
  131. Decline in Bumble bees
  132. What home are you using for 2011 season ?
  133. Bumble bee homes
  134. Bought tubes -- but only pollen lumps, no bees?
  135. Plastic-tube house for Mason bees?
  136. Praying mantises and bees...
  137. Small Garden..Mason the way?
  138. Osmia Californicas
  139. Bumblebee nest material
  140. When to put out Mason and Bumble houses?
  141. built a Mason Bee condo :)
  142. How many bees can a tree support?
  143. Summer Berry Bee (Osmia texana Cresson ?)
  144. Help with identification
  145. Solitary bee?
  146. Hairy black bee in Tucson desert
  147. My second year for Mason bees- 2011
  148. I've got BOB
  149. queen included in commercial hive?
  150. Mason bee homes from Ikea...
  151. Mason Bee Colony
  152. video of pollinators, alternative and otherwise
  153. I have Mason Bee(s)
  154. Anyone know who these guys are?
  155. Loose cocoon vs. whole (inspected) tube management - which do you do?
  156. how many bees in a tube?
  157. New to mason bees
  158. Bumble Bee or Carpenter Bee???
  159. Mason Bee success in New England?
  160. What in the world is this?
  161. Leafcutter Bee Nesting Material
  162. bumble bees LOVE catmint!
  163. New to Mason Bees
  164. Help identifying 2 bees
  165. Found a bumble bee nest. Now what?
  166. Wool Carder Bees
  167. I have blue bees.
  168. My bumble bees
  169. What to do with bumble bee houses
  170. Finally, some good news on pollinators
  171. A few leafcutter coccoons
  172. Yellowjacket / paperwasp winter feeding ?
  173. Orchard Mason Bees from central NC
  174. How to make solitary bee habitat with Japanese Knotweed
  175. Looking for leaf-cutter bee cocoons
  176. Invasive Plants
  177. Obtaining Bumble bees
  178. I think the Mason Bees are ready to emerge already!
  179. My 3rd year for mason bees - 2012
  180. How Clean Is Clean
  181. Transplanting bumble hive?
  182. Bee ID help
  183. Hard year for our mason bees! But why?
  184. Digger/Sand Bees
  185. trying to identify the alternate pollinators visiting my yard
  186. what native plants do wool-carder bees card?
  187. Other bees in my backyard besides honey bees (photos)
  188. When should leaf cutter bees emerge.
  189. Are These Native Bees? What Kind?
  190. Leaf Cutter Bees
  191. No honey bees on vitex but have these wasps(?) Friend or foe?
  192. Bumblebee Colony
  193. Free bumblebee colony, Taylor, Michigan.
  194. Osmia in Los Angeles Cty 2012
  195. Possible to Move Yellow Jacket Underground Nest?
  196. over 5 acre farm and they take residence in the carport
  197. It's a lemon cuckoo bumble bee, one of the strange cast of characters
  198. Is this chalkbrood?
  199. unexpected pollinator Mybones Caribbean Wasp
  200. Australian Stingless Native Bee for pollinating
  201. 2012 Mason Bee Update
  202. What are these cocoons in my Mason Bee reeds?
  203. Succession Influences Wild Bees in a Temperate Forest Landscape: The Value of Early S
  204. hanger tubes for mason bee nests
  205. Will this work for orchard mason bees?
  206. designing/building a bee house in the city
  207. Mason Bee condo experiment
  208. Lack of Variation in Bumblebees: Implications for Conservation Genetics Studies
  209. What bee would this be?
  210. I have leafcutter bee ?
  211. Assessing Insecticide Hazard to Bumble Bees Foraging on Flowering Weeds in Treated La
  212. Bumble bee artifical nest project.
  213. Imported bumblebees pose 'parasite threat' to native
  214. Where are the butterflies?
  215. Pollination Services Provided by Bees in Pumpkin Fields Supplemented with Either Apis
  216. Help please. ? Bumblebee queen?
  217. 155 views and nada
  218. Here is an alternative Pollinator...
  219. Stingless bees from Philippines
  220. Habropoda laboriosa/Southeastern Blueberry Bee
  221. Diverse Microbiota Identified in Whole Intact Nest Chambers of the Red Mason Bee
  222. Exposure to Non-Insecticidal Agrochemicals on Bumblebee Foraging Behavior
  223. Repression and Recuperation of Brood Production in Bombus terrestris Bumble Bees Expo
  224. The Ontogeny of Bumblebee Flight: From Nave Explorers to Experienced Foragers
  225. Characterization of Neutral Lipase BT-1 Isolated from the Labial Gland of Bombus terr
  226. Plant-Pollinator Coextinctions and the Loss of Plant Functional and Phylogenetic
  227. Genetic Variability of the Neogregarine Apicystis bombi, an Etiological Agent
  228. How Does Pollen Chemistry Impact Development and Feeding Behaviour of Polylectic Bees
  229. Speeding Up Social Waves. Propagation Mechanisms of Shimmering in Giant Honeybees
  230. Changes in Learning and Foraging Behaviour within Developing Bumble Bee (Bombus terre
  231. Chronic Exposure of Imidacloprid and Clothianidin Reduce Queen Survival, Foraging, an
  232. Divergent Rules for Pollen and Nectar Foraging Bumblebees
  233. Do Pollen Wasps have a sting?
  234. Very high number of Bumbles Bees this year
  235. Bee Species Diversity Enhances Productivity and Stability in a Perennial Crop
  236. Ashy Miner bees
  237. Gonadotropic and Physiological Functions of Juvenile Hormone in Bumblebee (Bombus ter
  238. Colorado native bee identification
  239. Microbial Communities of Three Sympatric Australian Stingless Bee Species
  240. Decreasing Abundance, Increasing Diversity and Changing Structure of the Wild Bee
  241. Leaf Cutter Bee Larvae Problem
  242. Interesting "other" bee i saw today
  243. Habitat and Forage Associations of a Naturally Colonising Insect Pollinator, the Tree
  244. Cordovan golden bumble in my backyard
  245. Aussie Bee's
  246. Raising the Sugar Content Orchid Bees Overcome the Constraints of Suction Feeding
  247. Blue Banded Bee
  248. Do Pollinators Contribute to Nutritional Health?
  249. My Solitary Bee/Wasp Nesting Blocks
  250. Possible use for Sweat Bees?