Alternative Hive Designs

This section contains links to various alternative bee hive designs of two basic varieties: Long Hives and Top Bar Hives. Thanks to all the contributors below for their hard work, photos, captions, tips, expertise and for sharing their knowledge and experience.

Long Hives

  • Urban Bee Condo (Long Hive) – Barry Birkey
  • Long / Top Bar Hive – Michael Bush

Top Bar Hives (TBH)

  • Hybrid Top Bar Hive – Barry Birkey
  • Traditional Top Bar Hive – Dennis Murrell
  • Traditional Top Bar Hive – Texas Bee Guy
  • CalKenyan Top Bar Hive – Leonard G. Barton (There is only this link to an external site)
  • TBH with Window – Lance Waldner
  • Traditional Top Bar Hive – David Tromp