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Today 05:40 PM
 Typical pattern for young queen?
sounds like shb larvae. i'm with jrg, some of the brood has drone capping. i would consider shaking this one out and freezing the frames before any more shb larvae hatch out. (104 views, 5 replies)
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Today 05:39 PM
 Honey Paw Uncapper
We just finished extracting with a honey paw. Loved it. - Much faster than a hot knife, Much easier on aged hands (we extracted around 1,200 pounds of honey). We hooked it to a steamer that is made... (4,994 views, 15 replies)
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Today 05:36 PM
 Nurse Bees
nursing duty is what freshly emerged bees get stuck with before the eventually graduate on to become foragers. so having a lot of nurse bees means having a lot of recently emerged brood. the reason... (14 views, 1 replies)
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Today 05:33 PM
 My recipe/method for sugar blocks
KathyK, you still have time to feed the guns out of your top bar if it is light. They should also be raising winter bees, so giving them a pollen patty or few over the next month is also a good... (69,564 views, 368 replies)
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Today 05:30 PM
 I've got brood back! Comments welcome on ANYTHING you see!
agreed. and to be capped today means that the eggs were laid at least 10 days ago, before the introduction of the new queen. (181 views, 12 replies)
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Today 05:26 PM
 What to do with moldy honey?
Well...just five minutes ago I stumbled upon this... and it may shed some light on your problem. I hope at any rate it helps. I confess I am a newbie, so feel free to adapt or ignore. I was reading... (349 views, 5 replies)
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Today 05:26 PM
 Worm in capped brood
Will they both act the same way? The worms were tunneling just under the capping, above the brood. (129 views, 3 replies)
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irwin harlton
Today 05:06 PM
 Hauling bees cheaper than Borscht (281 views, 3 replies)
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Today 04:54 PM
 Lots of drones. Should I take action?
Thanks Michael. I have many frames with drone in them and had no way of figuring out how to get them out and refilled with honey. (370 views, 5 replies)
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Today 04:44 PM
 Zone 4a Hive weight needed going into winter?
I think 80 pounds is a little light. I like my hives to have the top deep box full.....that is around 90 pounds or so. Add in the weight of the bottom box and you're looking at 125 to 140 depending.... (29 views, 1 replies)
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Today 04:32 PM
 No sign of brood, no eggs: normal this time of year?
It doesn't sound right to me. I'm just outside the Pittsburgh city limits to the North & my hives are bringing in lots of Japanese Knotweed nectar. They are also making bees that will be in the hives... (72 views, 2 replies)
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Today 04:30 PM
 Color of Honey
Avocado honey out here real dark also. Got any of those in Florida? (224 views, 5 replies)
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Today 04:20 PM
 Do gaps in boxes matter?
Actually I was just watching assembly videos and someone mentioned the issue of boxes rocking if they don't sit flat. That seems like it could be a bigger issue. I'll have to double check for that. (344 views, 9 replies)
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Dave H
Today 04:13 PM
 OAV measure by copper cap
I use a .45 shell that I ground down to exactly 1 gram measured with a powder scale. Soldered a piece of #12 wire to it for a handle. Works for me. (178 views, 4 replies)
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Today 04:11 PM
Bee vac isn't rocket science. Too much section open your adjustment screen. It takes almost no suction to get the bees in the hose. (864 views, 21 replies)
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Today 04:09 PM
 Not sure how to mate queens by the numbers
jcolon - Are you just looking at producing only 30 queens or 30 queens a batch. If you only want 30 queens, then you only need 30 mating nucs? If you are trying to go through a batch a week or 2... (243 views, 8 replies)
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Today 04:04 PM
 What do to after a swarm
tough call jimbo. those cells you saw two weeks ago may have just hatched out over these past few days and there could be virgins in there. sometimes you can hear them piping if you put your ear or... (288 views, 7 replies)
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Farmer Dave
Today 03:55 PM
 BeeBee Trees For Sale
I store mine cold(refrigerator) and sow in spring. It needs light to germinate and cannot dry out. Seedlings are tiny Farmer Dave (194 views, 7 replies)
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Sara Alms
Today 03:51 PM
 packages installed on "stocked" deeps, why feed?
Thanks Frank. We get plenty of cold snaps in Minnesota in spring, so stimulating early brood production would be a problem. The packages I installed in the "stocked" hives have already given me 2... (131 views, 4 replies)
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Today 03:44 PM
 Post Your Bloom Dates - 2015
14903 Elmira NY Japanese Knotweed It's been blooming in places for the past 10-15 days, but in just the past few days have the bees started to collect it. The smell of the hives changed from... (28,632 views, 236 replies)