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Thread: mite maulers?

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    Me neither, I guess I better order some more queens from Bill this year. I do have at least one left, daughter of a 2016 queen, a breeder from Carpenter. I will be grafting from her at some point as they did fairly well, one of the better hives in the yard but they probably got more feed than anyone else too. I need to finish my hive tracking software and get my hives marked, starting to forget what is where especially after moving stuff around. I know I have a couple other of his queens floating around but I think the sharpie wore off where I was writing on the hives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldtimer View Post
    Just a thing to consider if attempting to breed these, don't get too focussed on the bees mandibles, get focussed on the bees ability to detect varroa.
    Yeah, that made me wonder. Hardly a universal effort by the workers to go after the mite. Would be a pretty hit or miss to raise a queen that would carry the trait. Turn the few workers with the trait into LW and artificially inseminate with those drones?
    How closely related to just mean bee ?

    Was the mite from that hive? Would the reaction have been the same for a foreign bee?

    (If your all lucky I might be done rambling for today.)
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    Bought some (ankle. Others and more mailers) from Dan Hanlon last year, but we had a shipping mishap and a monster heat wave and lost most in transit. Dan is a super-nice guy and seems squeaky-clean honest. Would not accept any payment even for the queens that survived. Would have ordered again but he sold out very early.

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