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    What is the preferred method of banking Queens? I know that it can be done above a queen excluder or a queen banking frame. Does either have an advantage over the other? What other methods are being used?
    How are you setting up the colonies and how long are you Banking queens?

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    During queen rearing season I usually have one or more banks. I setup a queenless hive and catch all the queens on the same day and put them in the back together. The bank eventually raises it's own queen but that doesn't seem to hurt anything. I don't use an excluder. When I find the queen they raised laying, I catch her and ship her off to someone. I don't ever add queens to a bank until I've used all the banked queens. When I tried that they killed the old queens and kept the new queens. So I don't do it. If I have a bunch more queens to catch I set up a new queen bank. I use a frame that holds the JZBZ racks and use the JZBZ cages. I had a lot of trouble this year with wax moths getting in with the queens and building webs in the queen cage. I had to break through the webs and recage the queens periodically. The wax moth worm would get into the cage and the queen would not attack it and it would grow there. I'm not sure what it was living on. This happened multiple times. It's tempting to put one or two attendants in there as I think they would kill the wax moth larvae...
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