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The war was a long time ago and the bees are good for the mind and soul. And at any age. ��
I totally agree Walker!

We did an in-depth service and inspection of all our hives and swarms today...some good news, some bad news...

Bad news first: both of our monster swarms, had beautiful laying queens, lots of eggs, larvae, etc. BUT, somehow, over 75% of the original bee swarm was gone...that was a bit disappointing because I was set upon splitting those two swarms today into 10 new hives...

Second set of bad news: two of my swarm traps that I left up in the trees for 1.5 weeks, that had bees yesterday, had absconded. So we lost two swarms due to waiting too long to move em...

And now the good news:

Our bee yard has more than tripled in number since March, and most of the growth came by way of swarms...

95% of the new swarms are doing incredibly well. Lots of fresh eggs, beautiful brood patterns, pollen, ect. and no mites to speak of.

I saw some of the most beautiful queen bees ever. And one of them was nearly completely and perfectly yellow! So strange, so wonderful.

We harvested some full, dripping to the brim, honey super deep frames of pure eucalyptus honey and comb. My only complaint was that the supers were so incredibly heavy. What a wonderful challenge to have!

The master beekeeper that worked with me had caught a nice swarm in one of the traps he placed on our "trap lines" Walker! He was able to take it with him and increase his hive numbers...and I am so thankful to be able to pay it back to him because he has been so nice to us.

So, that is our latest bee adventure.

Good luck on your adventure with the bees!