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    Default ** Photo uploading - and misc other forum tips **

    Use the "Insert Image" button a.Insert Image button2.png (2nd button from right in that screenshot snippet)
    ... on the Compose Message / Quick Reply toolbar to upload photos to be hosted at Beesource.

    If you are having issues uploading photos directly to Beesource, the most likely problem is that those images are too large. The uploader will not accept oversize images, but IIRC it does not say that in plain English.

    To fix that, reduce your images to no more than 600x600 pixels. If you don't already have a convenient way to resize photos, a free online site like this one works well:

    An alternative to uploading photos directly is to upload them to a hosting site and then post the link to that specific photo here. For instance, some here use a free account at to host images that are in their Beesource posts. Some photo hosts, including Photobucket, also ease the process of uploading from phones by accepting images emailed [to your existing photo host account] directly from your phone.

    You can display images any size you want if you simply provide a clickable link to your Photobucket image (or other photo host sites). You can also display photos from photo hosts "inline" (no clicking required to display here, the images show automatically) at Beesource, but the default Photobucket size is oversize by Beesource standards. One can use tools at Photobucket to reduce image size to a smaller size to meet Beesource requirements, or just post a clickable link to avoid resizing issues altogether.

    You can initiate a PM (Private Message) in several ways.

    One of them is to click on the Member ID (name) in any post in a thread, then choose "Private Message" and go from there. That sets up a message to whomever's Member ID you clicked on.

    You could alternatively click on "Notifications" at the very top of the page (any Beesource forum page), then Inbox, and choose from the resulting menu. This method allows you to type in the Member ID of who you want to send a message to, but you do need to know how to spell the first four letters of their Member name correctly to trigger the dropdown menu that will allow you to click from a list of similar names.

    Members cannot edit 'Location' field themselves; Instead send a PM to Barry with your request ...
    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post
    Let me explain so maybe it won't seem odd. A lot of members in the past would register and opt not to show where they are from. They like to "hide." This becomes an issue when a discussion takes place that is relevant to location. It is now a prerequisite to include this information when you join the board. If I allow members to "edit" their location, there will be those that will go in and delete this information. So, for the sake of some, the rest have to be hand tied as well. Sorry. I also use this feature to help weed out spammers during registration. I can check their location against their IP address.

    Simply email or PM me when you want it changed.

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