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    It must be nice to see what happens in front of the house and not to have outyards.
    It is nice enough that I can't make myself put any hives at dads even though I think he might have better flows. If you are a hermit, at home is sooo good.

    My dead pile is not as big as your friends in the vidio but has stayed there for awhile and they are getting away from the hive with some of the ones they carry off. This was my favorite split last year. I can not believe that nine are still alive cause I stacked the deck against one or two of them. One has empty comb in the top box and one was only one medium and the warre was so small. It ain't spring yet but it was nice to get a day nice enough to see something and broke the winter doledrums. I don't worry too much, like good news better then bad but mostly, if I write stuff here, I might look back at it next year and have something besides a bad memory to campare with.
    Thank you for your good wishes and I hope you are mistaken on your small hive and that it surprizes you in a good way. If not, I am sure one of your other hives will.
    zone 5b

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    Default Re: bone head split so far, somebody save the day.

    gww, can I update on your thread here? Thanks. I checked colonies today to see if anything needed sugar bricks, and all but one are alive. The dead one is a double 5 nuc that never went anywhere last summer and fall. It was a split last year with queen from a swarm I caught in 2015, maybe a supersedure swarm from one of my other hives that year at the same time. I wanted to re queen the hive, but couldn't get myself to kill off the queen. It was a tiny swarm in '15, built slow, and never did anything last year, but it's doing well with the new queen. This split has drawn out about 12-13 deep frames from foundation, but other than that didn't do anything much. I just kept it to see what it would do, and intended to re queen it with some grafting, but didn't get that accomplished. I am surprised it made it to winter. The small cluster was just dead together, so I am assuming it froze out. It didn't move up to the next box that had sugar packed in comb, but had a little honey stores in the corners of the frames they were on. No real loss, but I hope to keep from tinkering with little pokey colonies from now on. It was interesting, sort of, to see what it did.

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