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    Default mac and java wont let me on beesource chat

    from what i understand, the software for beesource isnt compatible with the newer versions of java and os10 for mac? I cant get onto chat with safari, so i started using firefox... firefox said i need the newest version of java... which i have... and the same thing with chrome...

    so if anyone can tell me how to get into beechat, would be most wonderful...

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    Default Re: mac and java wont let me on beesource chat

    The latest firefox has java disabled. This gives instructions to re-enable java in firefox.

    Open Firefox
    Enter about:config in the URL address bar
    Accept that you will not do any harm
    Click in the search bar and type "Block"
    Look for extensions.blocklist.enabled
    Change this to false by double clicking the item.

    I have not done this as I don't let my java or firefox or operating system auto update, and I never updated unless something stops working from using what I'm currently using. I make no claims as to if this fix listed works or not, it's just what I've found from searching, that other's say works. Good luck.

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    Default Re: mac and java wont let me on beesource chat

    Is it possible to get a more user friendly beechat? I'm sure half the people can't connect and stop trying.
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