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    Default Oxalic Acid Vaporization

    Oxalic Acid can be heated and 'vaporized' inside a hive to control varroa. (With some vaporizers the vapor is injected into the hive while the vaporizer itself stays external to the hive.) In the USA this varroa control was registered/approved by the EPA in 2015, although not all individual states have approved this method as of April 2017.

    Commercially manufactured vaporizers can be purchased in a variety of styles; and there are also a number of threads on making your own vaporizer:

    Timing for vaporization treatments:

    Personal protection for the beekeeper doing vaporization:

    Thread linking a study on the efficacy and safety of various aspects of oxalic acid for varroa control (post #10):

    This OAV thread was created just before the EPA officially registered/approved oxalic acid for varroa control. Its a long thread, with 300+ posts, but it covers many aspects of vaporization:

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