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    Default Re: A shift in message? The case for IPM instead of bond as the path to TF for new ba

    Quote Originally Posted by msl View Post
    Does any one have good numbers for the % of mites on foragers vs nurse/house bees. Also phoric vs non? I have seen them range for 33 to 50%..
    I am thinking about modeling a fly away split to see how it is compared to outher methods

    The other one I have in my head is adding a frame of open drone brood on day 21, WJ Boot - ‎1995, seems to suggest it could have a strong effect
    this would alow to split with a cell and have a laying queen in the hive much faster, hopefully leading to better production
    We as a group start to do this now, fly away splits ( I hope I got the term right, is this an artificial swarm?)

    The queenless produce the honey. Last year three of my queenless on 5-6 frames dadant produced 80 pounds surplus after leaving them each 40 pounds, which is sufficient for a hobbyist. I used half for feeding back.
    After harvesting when they had a new queen I stopped harvesting and did not feed in fall ( I did feed some, but they were content with their own stores.)

    I want to breed some extra queens in case the matings fail. But I want to have a brood brake like in nature. So breeding comes later with one or two hives in future ( the best hives and the strongest, I hope they do not want to swarm beforehand). The queens will be used for small nucs or introduced in hopelessly queenless colonies after some time.

    As I told you before, our mite situation is serious.
    Tf or not, you always see some mites on bees and later in summer some defect wings. The level is higher.
    I´m monitoring mites on bees with taking picts of combs with bees sitting on them. With my pc I scan them and see the mites, which are almost always on nurse bees. Count 5 in your hive and you have a high infestation, because most mites you do not see, because they suck at the undersides.

    When starting a hive with local treated mutts we make an artificial swarm with one comb of open brood to lure the phoretic mites into the brood.
    After capping the comb is taken out and melted.
    So we give them a good start to be tf.
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