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    Default OB Hive new queen timeline

    I have been running an observation hive for a few years now and find myself in a pickle. Months ago I committed the hive for display at a large 4 day venue. The plan is to close up the hive around 8am each day and then open it back up in it's normal location around 5 pm each evening. Just my luck the hive swarms on Saturday with the venue scheduled to start this coming Thursday. I can see the new queen and hear her piping. My concern is interrupting her mating flights. This whole week the weather is supposed to be perfect mid 70s and sunny. Is there a chance she will be successfully mated before then? Will she even start her flights by then? Any thoughts on how this could impact the hive?

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    Default Re: OB Hive new queen timeline

    The books say the newly emerged queen hangs out in the hive for about 5-7 days to harden up before she takes her flights. You will probably be ok, although you might consider a piece of queen excluder over the entrance when you open it up for cleansing flights. Any chance there is more than one virgin in there?


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