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    Default Re: Small Cell Foundation Help, Please

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan the bee guy View Post
    I don't think the brood nest is "warmer" there are more cells per square inch so you need fewer bees to cover the brood that equals faster growth of the population.
    That´s what I meant, thanks, dan, to make it clear.
    If you let the bees decide they build 30-32 bee space between the combs in worker brood area without frames, or even more narrow. David Heaf has some nice picts on his side. So why arguing?
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    Default Re: Small Cell Foundation Help, Please

    >Thank you. Do you make your own narrow frames from scratch or trim available frames down?

    Yes. I also pay people to make them for me when I can find them. I hope to buy enough to offer them for sale one of these days soon. The custom made ones are nice since the top bar is thinner as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aumfc View Post
    Doing that would mean I'd have different frames in my brood boxes than my supers, right? That would eliminate some of the advantages of going with all mediums, but not the main advantage, I guess.

    The other potential drawback, what about the 10 full frames I'll be getting in my nucs? They won't be 1.25". I guess I could have one brood box normal width and the other 2 filled with narrow frames.
    I try to standardize as much as possible.

    My brood frames are 1.25" wide deeps and the supers are 1.375" wide mediums. The brood is on 4.9mm foundation and the supers are foundationless. The bees will often draw the frames in the honey supers with larger cells than they will the brood box. When given foundationless brood frames the same bees will draw small cells so they are drawing larger cells just because it is the honey super. An advantage of two different frame sizes is that brood frames are deeps and mediums are honey. No need to measure cell size to see if a frame belongs in the brood box.

    What to do with the 10 frames that come with the nucs if they aren't 1.25"? 1) take a hand plane and shave them down. Or 2) trash them. If you trash them just slowly rotate them out of the brood nest.

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