Looking for a little real world practical (advice/comments)?
I am contemplating purchasing a gooseneck style trailer to haul what few pieces of farm equipment I currently own, or members of my family own, or any thing else that presents itself.
I do not possess a commercial drivers license, & would like to avoid those entanglements .
Alabama DOT allows up to 26K lbs,( gross vehicle weight rating, not how much you weigh today) as does Fed DOT. Correct me if I am wrong please ...
So, I have a truck with a mgvw rating of 8800 lbs . I should be able to pull a trailer rated at 17K lbs, but this is an odd ball number. 14k, 15k & 20K are fairly common, but if I find one rated at 17K , it has tandem 7k axles, & wants me to put 4000 pounds on the truck. Not good on a 3/4 ton truck.
I said all that to explain why I am even considering a custom made trailer from one of the trailer makers in north Alabama.
Since I am contemplating a custom, I am thinking a lighter variation of the sliding axle tilt bed deck-over design such as

http://www.brutetrailers.com/page_1_...02.htm#sliding axle trailers


Of course I am hoping to beat their price, and tare wt. etc ( reality will slap me around some, I expect )

The question that comes to mind, do those of you who already own & use these trailers _ever_ wish you had multiple axle locations, such as is common on the " sliding tandem" big rigs?
Or would designing one into this "pipe dream" trailer simply be an "interesting project", but a waste of time & money?
Thank you for your comments ... CE