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    Default Trouble making bee candy.

    I have tried to make two different batches bee candy. I have know idea what is going wrong with it. I can't get it to go solid. I started with cane sugar, water and honey. 5lb sugar,1 1/2 lb my own honey. Got everything going great. S tiring my but off as normal. I got it up to 242 degrees and it was not forming a ball in the water. Then I went farther, thinking maybe the thermometer was off, nothing. I brought it to a halt when it reached 248 degrees. Pour it and when it cooled, it was the color of caramel and not hard. HELP

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    Default Re: Trouble making bee candy.

    I put 4 cups water with 16 lbs. sugar, heat up to 245deg. pour in round cake pans, sets up hard as a rock.

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    Default Re: Trouble making bee candy.

    Leave the honey out.
    I've been using the following recipe for the last few winters. It was provided by a successful sideliner member of our club with about 100 hives.
    2 c water
    6 lb (12 c) sugar
    2 T HBH (if desired)

    Heat water and HBH and gradually add sugar. Boil till it reaches 245 - 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove from heat and let cool till it starts to thicken up. His recipe says cool to 190 but I base it off getting thick. Add a half cup protein substitute if desired. Pour into whatever you're using for mold (s). I like to line containers with wax paper.

    Don't add the protein sub to blocks for use toward end of winter because you can't easily recycle them into syrup if bees don't use them up.


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    Default Re: Trouble making bee candy.

    No Cook Sugar Block Recipe;
    10 lb sugar (4 lb of sugar <1/2 cup water)
    1 cup water
    Optional items (add to water):
    Mineral & Vitamins (feed store)
    Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
    Lemon juice, citric acid, vinegar or apple cider vinegar

    Mix using a rigid spatula.
    Spread in disposable aluminum pans.
    Flatten with same spatula, make break lines.
    Air dries in one day at " thick. Make as thick as you want.

    My bees start on the blocks as soon they go in the hive.

    If your sugar has change color it may be high in HMF;

    EOs are bad for bees, increased mortality rate, increase rate of disease...;


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