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    Default Bees in the wall - When to trap them

    Was at a lodge meeting last night. One of the trustees told the members there is a bee hive in the parapet wall on the roof. I would like to trap them if possible, but others just want them killed and gone. I think this is a bad time to remove them as they have large honey stores right now. Would it not be best to wait until just prior to the spring flow? My thinking is that we don't want honey flowing down the walls and making a big mess. Do we need to tear open the walls to clean up the hive? When does the queen begin to lay eggs in the spring? Any advise/suggestions will be most appreciated.

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    Default Re: Bees in the wall - When to trap them

    It would be prudent at this point in the season to wait till next spring to do your CUTOUT. Don't do a trapout. With a cutout you get ALL the bees, and ALL the mess of comb out of the building at once. It also means that you have a greater chance of getting your queen and her genetics. If they live till spring, you want her genetics as they were able to go through winter.

    As for timing of this job, the bees are going to start rearing brood normally by about march 1st. However due to the weather you probably won't be able to get into the cutout till around April 1st. The bees are on a mission to brood up for a swarm at that time of year. So doing a cutout will get you the maximum number of possible hives from this one.

    Hope you have lots of fun with the cutout, and much learning.
    Thomas Bartram


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