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    Hello fellow beekeepers,
    This will be my first winter(located in VA) with the two hives that I have going so far. Both are Italian and health queens that are still laying and the population is growing. I have one hive that is two levels and almost full(One deep and one Med. the main honey supply is in the med but the queen has found her way into the med and there is a decent amount of brood now but just 1/4 of the box) and another which is just one level and almost full. They have plenty of honey storage and brood from what I can tell. Now the first question I have is, should I add another box to both to let them continue to store honey(I am feeding them 1:1 right now) or stop feeding them for now? I do have a few other questions but can't remember them off the top of my head. They will more than likely pop back up as i get responses to this one.


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    If your objective is to winter the bees in more boxes, keep feeding them. Do not feed them until you shut down brood rearing because they have no room to store elsewhere.


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