Even though you put the frames of honey in an enclosed car, to warm them up for a few hours, the honey can still be stubborn.

The heated capping knife worked fine.

Had some dark honey in some of the cells, was interesting, took some extra spinning to get it out.

Having a " cappings tray" may have looked like it was a good idea, but just created extra steps. The nice warm, melted, cappings just hardened onto the plastic. I ended up scraping out the cappings and putting them into a 5 Gallon bucket that has a paint strainer on it anyway.

From now on I will cap into a 5 gallon bucket that has a paint strainer on it.

A 70 degree house is too cold for the honey to flow smoothly. Had to put extractor, and cappings bucket, and bucket that had some honey in it, into nice hot cars to warm it all up. Now I know why those bucket warmers are for sale, think I may get a couple.

I see a motorized extractor in my future, and one that will hold 4 frames, not just 2.

Got 12 pints from 7 medium frames.