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    Default Drone brood and season

    During my inspection today I saw some drone caps ( sorry don't have the vocabulary ). I was wondering if this is an indication that there is more season ahead? We are truly entering fall weather and I was a bit surprised as I thought they would be done with the boys? Trying to learn the signs of the seasons thanks for your patience!

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    Default Re: Drone brood and season

    Sometimes the hives do supercedure queen replacing in the fall, so yes, healthy populous hives will make drones in the fall as you are seeing. If you are not feeding, then it is also somewhat of an indication that there is some flow on, at least you are not in a dearth. I've never seen bees make many drones in a dearth much.

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    Default Re: Drone brood and season

    I did hive check a week and a half ago and also saw good amounts of capped drone brood. Hopefully you saw capped worker brood or larva in worker brood comb. One of my hives I think was in trouble as I did not see any worker brood.

    The last several years I dont recall seeing drones of any number like this in my hives this late. Seems strange to me but I am a relatively new beek.


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