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    Default When to start???

    I live in Central Florida, southwest of Orlando. I want to begin beekeeping. Question: Can I go ahead and purchase hives & bees now (September) OR wait until spring?? I would appreciate answers from Florida beekeepers. Thx

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    Default Re: When to start???

    I would wait and use the time to build woodenware and get your site prepped.

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    Default Re: When to start???

    There are a lot of options as to equipment etc. I would do some research and figure out what you want to do first, then buy the equipment and put it together. About December you should be looking for a source for bees. If you wait for spring it will be too late. The bees will come in the spring, but they will be sold out by then...

    You might want to get some background on bees in general.

    And terminology.
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    Default Re: When to start???

    Welcome to Beesource!

    I'm not in/from Florida, but you will likely find that there is a much greater amount of choice/variety of sources for live bees in the early part of next year than there is right now.

    Most likely at this point you will be limited to finding full size hives for sale. In the spring packages and nucs (small hives) should both be readily available, and generally more affordable than full size hives.
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