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    Thumbs Up 2014 Fall Nucs in Florida

    W. Fisher Bee Farm will be selling Fall Nucs After October 1st 2014, orders must be secured in advance.

    1-49 $125
    50-99 $110
    100+ $100

    Prices are subject to change; this is the best I could figure as of August 27th 2014

    Nucs will consist of:
    1. A freshly mated queen, on brood of her own heritage.
    2. 5 Deep frames consisting of, 2 Brood, 2 Honey, 1 frame can vary Brood, Honey, or Foundation for expansion.
    *Bees can change occupancy of frames as they see fit.
    ** We only use Standard Deep Frames for brood purposes.

    Our queen heritage is derived from over 5 years of grafting from Minnesota Hygienic Queens. We also breed from within our own stock as we pull survivor queens that excelled in our harshest environments. We have also acquired breeders from Latshaw’s and other renowned breeders as we see fit. As well we sometimes get queen cells from Dave Miska to keep our genetics diverse.

    Our queens are mutts, there is no one line we breed upon, nor do we restrict the mating of the queens.

    Delivery dates will change as the season progresses depending on weather in Florida.

    There will be NO FRAME EXCHANGE. I will not accept frames towards purchased nucs.

    A Deposit per box will be necessary if you wish to leave or premises with
    nucs in our boxes. The deposit will be $40/box for our Styrofoam boxes, and $20/box for our custom wooden boxes. To be determined at pickup. Personal checks will be accepted for deposit on boxes.

    As an alternative to transporting in our boxes, I will have cardboard nuc boxes available for sale at pickup for anyone who wishes to purchase them. Please let me know in advance if you wish to take advantage of this to make sure I have plenty on hand. They should be $5/cardboard nuc.

    Nucs Can be picked up at either our Dade City, FL location

    All nucs are required to be inspected by buyer before loading, all sales are final once bees are loaded into buyer’s transport.

    To qualify for discounted rate all bees must be paid for and picked up at the same time.
    To pay on pick up a certified check/cash is necessary, if you wish to use personal check
    it needs to arrive and clear my bank before pickup, preferably at least 2 weeks.

    For any more Questions contact me, Aaron Fisher at:

    W. Fisher Bee Farm
    6395 SR 103N BLD 21
    Lewistown PA 17044

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