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    Default Powdered Sugar Mite Count

    What are the acceptable mite count numbers for Aug. and Sept. in the Midwest (Indiana). I plan on doing some powdered sugar shake testing this weekend and would like to know what numbers are acceptable and the source of the study.

    Thank You.

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    Default Re: Powdered Sugar Mite Count

    The threshold for treatment according to Randy Oliver is 2%, which equates to 6 or more mites per 1/2 cup of bees (~300). Make sure to use nurse bees from a brood frame for the sample, or the numbers will be skewed.


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    Default Re: Powdered Sugar Mite Count

    He also says:

    Diana Sammataro (2002) says: Determining a treatment threshold will also depend on your willingness to use a miticide. For example, if you have a low tolerance for colony loss (and are willing to use a miticide) we suggest a threshold of 20 mites per day. If you have a high tolerance for colony loss (and are reluctant to use a miticide), use 100 mites per day as your treatment threshold. It is unlikely that any commercial beekeeper will intentionally tolerate the kind of loss associated with the higher threshold.
    Dfa (Humid continental warm summer climate)


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